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  1. This one I dont show publically often because I dont show full names as a matter of personal policy. This is a going away poster board created and signed by the employees whole department. This employee was with Nintendo for 18 years. This piece is a total one-off. Mario was printed and cut out by hand, and each letter was hand placed. It's a full-size poster board, approximately 20x30 This thing is clearly full of signatures, so it hangs in my bedroom, where I never film, rather than in my game room. Sorry about the censoring. Thank you for understanding!
  2. I'm using physical carts running on a Micro Genius IQ-501 famiclone, hooked up to a crt tv. What about you guys?
  3. State of Decay, the breakdown mode, beat it well over a hundred times. I played it enough to gather up over 4500+ random names (yeah, I actually have a massive list of survivor names, not just the heroes, never much liked using the hero characters). There were times I rushed through it in short time doing only the minimum, what was need to move on and get the RV, other times I cleared every location, but most games I tended to focus on a certain part of Trumbull, be it Spencer's Mill, Marshall or Fairfield depending on where I was placed to start. I'm sure I done played probably over a thousan
  4. Hey, no love lost there Guil. I'm kinda regretting posting my scores so early. Maybe we'd see some more lively competition this week. But, maybe there was other ideas in my head... Come on guys. Grab your balloons and FIGHT!!! MERRY TURKEY DAY!!!
  5. I didn't do anything too elaborate. We both work for the school district. I'm a teacher and she's in the administration building so we went out the last Friday before the school year started which was a VERY stressful week for her. We moved cities 2 years ago so I took her back to the city we went on all our first dates, went to our favorite restaurant, favorite cafe for desert, and then to the rooftop bar we went on out first date. We had a great time and on the way back to the car, I asked if she wanted to go on dates like this for the rest of her life with me. She said yes!
  6. We'll be having our first scheduled maintenance tomorrow evening, Friday November 29th, at 10pm VGS time (EST). This is an update to the core of the site, and you can see more info in the release notes here: https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/ We will be upgrading the forum software to version 4.4.9. Keeping up with these updates will mean that the site is always the mintiest fresh it can be, just like all your CIBs I'm sure. The site will be down for up to 30 minutes, but likely far less than that.
  7. It doesn't have to be gaming related, either. I'll leave it up for you to decide, but have you ever won a national competition? Been the lucky guy to win a car (or similar/better) from something like McDonald's Monopoly? Were you featured in a local news story in the large city you grew up in, or did you briefly make it on national TV? Well, for me I've never had so much as a "moment", really. Because of this, back in the late-90s WCW came to town for Monday Night Nitro, and when I went with my buddies, I knew I'd want to get the attention of the cameras. I knew that if that was going
  8. Here are some of my Pirates. My favorites are the game specific pirates, smb3 and simpsons are rare in the US from what Ive seen (maybe super common over seas). The CIB Konami ones are weird (Batman?) I need to pop a few in and see what plays. I will try to add information to this thread as I find time to go through these. All are for sale BTW.
  9. I've put my CRTs into storage and may end up parting with them this coming year. Everything is run off of my OLED. My Famicom, N64, Dreamcast, Gamecube, and Wii have been HDMI modded. Super NT handles the SNES. The remaining consoles have been RGB modded and fill a basket with their cables. This includes TurboGrafx, Snes, Virtualboy, Saturn, PS1, and PS2. All of that is run off an OSSC with scart or HDretrovision cables. Modern stuff is HDMI of course.
  10. Luckily I'm not technically inclined at all. I would be the most boring streamer ever. Anyone that's watched me play in person can tell you I just sit perfectly still, locked in and totally quiet. Basically the total opposite of @skinnygrinny's Excitebike video where he doesn't hold still and can carry on an entire conversation with himself.
  11. @Bearcat-Doug go get a crt you poser
  12. NES Tetris and Marble Madness for me. I play these for high score and they have endless replay value.
  13. About a year ago, I organized my TV setup and put several consoles into storage as the area behind my TV stand had become an unmanageable mess of cables and switches. I was able to streamline my setup into the following: My setup has two TVs: A 43" 2011 LG 1080p HDTV A 13" Prima CRT TV (for lag sensitive retro games) I have following systems outputting component: Super Nintendo Sega Genesis/SegaCD Sega Saturn to a 3-way component switch which then feeds to a two-ways powered component splitter which mirrors that output to both the CRT and HDTV.
  14. fcgamer

    Family Bits

    Maybe it partially is I'll be posting some tidbits in here later, but I think you guys will be shocked by the relationships all these companies (even licensed companies) had with the bootleggers. Definitely not an innocent relationship, haha.
  15. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Congrats @doner24!! The dog bit is hilarious! Went to PA with my brother to see our stepmom, and we got Dad out of nursing home rehab for the day. I bought a turkey dinner from the local grocery store, which ended up being good (although not like the dinners we used to have). I'm just glad that all of us were together and had a nice meal. Dad's getting his strength back and seemed to be doing well. And the Cowboys lost The day couldn't have gone better.
  16. Me and her alone (Almost alone) on a beach after a great day of exploring Sintra. We were having a beer together and I reached into my bag to “grab another beer” and knelt. Almost instantly this dog walked over to us and peed on her
  17. Good day today, got engaged in Portugal!
  18. Some Atari games, including an early Sega title CIB.
  19. Let's post the recent additions to our collections from Mario/Duck Hunt carts to hard to find stuff. The last game that I got was a Brazilian version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival for GBA.
  20. Going to Use this thread to showcase some NES stuff. Questions/Comments/Concerns Welcome.
  21. I've owned both and never noticed any differences. Pretty sure it's just form factor.
  22. Not that I am aware, but I tweeted Krikzz the question. I'll let you know if he responds.
  23. When making an NES game specifically, it's definitely relevant to consider composite artifacts, at least on text and other central UI elements. Especially due to the "jitter-effect" build into the NES, which gives its composite output a bit of a unique look. But you also have to be real and realise that most people will play your game on an emulator, and you'd be catering to a niche market, for the sake of authenticity. But hey, that's what homebrew is all about, right? That said, I wouldn't go out of my way to consider composite artifacts for every piece of graphic. I also wouldn't worry
  24. You've probably seen me shitposting on Instagram or Twitter
  25. She had to beat down the other girls lined up to say it to me first!
  26. Well, I’m not exactly flush with cash but I have some to drop at the moment, so I am generally just looking for a fair deal.. though obviously if a great deal dropped in my lap I would take it. That said, there is a guy that might sell me a bunch of MVS games at once. As soon as I hear back from him I will let you know… I just want to make sure he doesn’t also have Super Dodge Ball. As far as pricing..I’m pretty new to the MVS scene/pricing, and it seems to be a harder thing to pin down due to lower quantity of sales data but I will try to make a reasonable offer when/if the time
  27. Yesterday I listened to Final Fantasy IV's soundtrack, today Final Fantasy VI which is probably the most beautiful emotional masterpiece of game music ever. Finishing up the whole ending theme now.
  28. I honestly can't believe all of the hate in hear for this console! I'm not arguing but the N64 was a stellar system. No, it's library isn't close in size to the PSX and, yes, I'd even accept that many people think it's a better system (and maybe I could make that argument) but it's not a "this console" vs. "that console" argument. I love PS1 games, Saturn games, SNES games, OG Game Boy games and I love N64 titles. I think there are many of them that hold up quite well and the games that don't are like many of the games for those other systems that haven't aged well, either. It's just
  29. Also will share this one, dig it out from the archives while helping someone trying to track down some childhood games. It's a catalogue of bootleg games from the Whirlwind Manu company. It's sadly incomplete, though the data inside is quite valuable. Again quite rare, possibly one of a kind.
  30. Traded a hand me down chainsaw for these games. Craigslist AD. The only wanted $95 for Earthbound which is a deal but I still didn't want to spend cash. At the end of the listing they also noted they would trade for a chainsaw. Had a chainsaw that had been sitting in my shed for the last 5+ years cant even recall. I met with the seller at his place about 15 minutes from me and watched him spend a half hour trying to get the chainsaw to start which he eventually did and even test cut some logs with it. He told me he has a chainsaw addiction and this will be like his 12th chainsaw. I literally s
  31. Some of these are brand new such as the Korean version of Yoshi’s Island, Korean Sonic Collection, Shinning Force region 3 release.
  32. Dreamcast. I would say GameCube (because it is both good and very underrated), but that console was moderately successful whereas Dreamcast wasn't.
  33. So I had to buy 2 "CIB" copies of the game to actually get a 100% complete-in-box copy of Chrono Trigger for the Super Famicom. At least I think it's complete. Not sure if the pack of cards were ever in the box. I am able pack everything in without there being any bulge. What do you think? any SFC experts out there?
  34. Here’s all my pickups from the past week or so! I also got Downwell in the mail but don’t remember where I put it - Fairune, the left-con and the Pokeball were all from trades - the N64 games were BOGO from GameStop, $8 altogether! - Plants vs Zombies was an eBay find, finally found it with a clean slipcover, that was important - Louvre guide popped up on Mercari, didn’t expect to finally get the English version
  35. $15 locally today via OfferUp (box and styrofoam only). No idea how good of a deal it is, but (a) I wanted one, (b) It's hard to track down these suckers with styro, and (c) the cost of shipping this beast killed any desire to buy one online. Happy for sure
  36. Just got a nice CIB copy of Chase H.Q. II in the mail today.
  37. Would game reviews interest you guys? Been considering playing a game 1h then writing a review on my impression. Some I have obviously put time into but others I have barely touched so would be a cool way to experience the games.
  38. Finally got this in the mail. The Guardian Legend always has a place in my heart. Got the latest sealed copy off eBay.
  39. Nice score Nesmaster, the sealed Lady Sia is especially nice. here are my pickups from this weekend.
  40. Post'em if you got'em! Don't let 1 sour apple spoil the bunch
  41. Contra for NES, my latest collection addition.
  42. My car has SiriusXM and I will say that the “rock the bells” channel is the shit.
  43. I finally found one. Now I need the other variant.
  44. Picked up three CIBs this week. Crystalis from the 'Bay. A crispy Mafat Conspiracy courtesy of mail_bag. And a sealed Star Tropics courtesy of Romiked2689. Thanks fellas!
  45. I don't normally have such a large haul at once. While I'm super ready to play Luigi's Mansion 3, it's getting put back for the kid's Christmas. I'm sure they will share...
  46. Woot woot! Finally got this white whale for my collection. That just leaves Little Samson and Stadium Events in the obnoxiously priced category. UPDATE: Oops, also missing Flintstones as the third obnoxiously priced game.
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