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  1. This is going to be a super unpopular opinion I think. I dont care. Being a “youtube creator” isnt a real job in my opinion. I know a lot of people were at the right place at the right time and rode the wave. Now the gravy train is over and people are bitching. When you latch onto a volatile industry, you have to roll with the punches. It sucks some creeps ruined it for everyone, but hey thats how the cookie crumbles. ps. I know making quality content takes effort and skill, thats not the point. For every 1 quality producer, there are 1000 people trying to game algorithms
  2. I was on the old site for years. Never managed to "earn" any of them. Seems like most you had to "buy" them by spending a bunch of money on games. If they come back, I'd like to see some more related to actually taking part in site events (secret santa, competitions, complete every game for x system, werewolf, other fun stuff) or actually contributing articles, blogs, art, and other content for the site/community. I'd be more proud of that, than just showing off how much I spent on Earthbound collectables.
  3. The government is too large and bloated to deal with any issue (nevermind an internet issue) with subtlety or nuance. The bigger issue at hand, though, is the size and proportions of that man's head.
  4. dale_coop


    Thanks you for the kind words. I'll write more topics about the other ones... because, after KUBO (2018), my son made KUBO 2 (early 2019 for the Byte-Off NESmaker competition) and now he's making KUBO 3, that is really fun (he has now some experience... and has a ton of ideas). I hope I can post those in the next days.
  5. Been playing alot of TG16 lately and the amount of fun shooters is staggering. Blazing Lazers is a recent one that comes to mind.
  6. Anyone else watching Rich on Pawn Stars with SMB Wata copy asking $1MM for it? Rick said I know the guys from Wata I’m going to call them to come down here. Wow, couldn’t pay for this kind of advertising. Or maybe you can?
  7. I often go back and forth on this but if I had to choose a Golden Age for console video games that spans about 10-15 years I would say 1985-1997. When 2D games died and the emphasis was now on 3D, that's when the Golden Age ended and Silver Age began IMO.
  8. Suppose you have to introduce someone to any given genre of game on the NES, and you can only use one game as your standard. For example, I think Solomon's Key is the best example of an action-puzzle game because it is a solid representation of the key elements of all other NES action-puzzlers, like Lolo or Kickle Cubicle. -CasualCart
  9. dale_coop


    At first, it was just an activity to keep my 5-year-old son busy, during the holidays, it was raining, he had watched me have fun with NESmaker and was very interested. I taught him how to use the software, he started by modifying some tilesets and designing a screen. He liked the activity so much that he started again, but this time he had prepared a ton of small drawings and already ideas to make his own game. That's how KUBO was born. KUBO, the story of a cowboy turtle in search of a mysterious crystal hidden in a dangerous world, populated by monsters. It is a game with only 1
  10. I can say for a fact that yes, I was into these games since the very beginning of my life. One of the first video games I ever played (maybe even the first?) was Parsec for the TI-99, I know my dad played that with me at a very young age. After that when I was actually old enough to know what the hell I was doing I got into Life Force on the NES and Nemesis on the gameboy. Also Gunsmoke and MagMax (am I the only one who actually owned this?) on the NES is in there somewhere too. Later I moved on to UN Squadron, Firepower 2000, Starfox, and Gradius III on the SNES, and Raptor for the PC. T
  11. Speaking for myself, you took the words out of my mouth, and I’m sure lots of others feel like this as well
  12. And it is hard to beat the thrill of being a 3-headed green dragon melting everything in your path.
  13. Our Bengals like chillin' on some of my collection in boxes so we put a pillow up there. They don't really shed so I don't mind much. Bigger and darker one is Ollie and the smaller one is Abbie.
  14. I don't know that Little Mac one is on point! I echo the thanks in bringing these over, I've seen these already but again just lol'd at the office like a dingle.
  15. I liked how after the first few wrecks it was promptly followed up with "Bearcat-Doug said not to wreck".
  16. Don't worry if you aren't good at these two, they're hard as balls. Most of my favorites are on the Turbo/PCE, a few of them are..... Final Solider Lords of Thunder Sapphire Spriggan W-Ring Rayxanber II Override Star Parodier (if you like Parodius check this one out) Sylphia No exaggeration, I could probably name another 30 that I enjoy. If you like shooters you owe it to yourself to check out this library. As far as non turbo goes, I will always consider Radiant Silvergun special, and I've really been into Mars Matrix lately.
  17. I dunno. I really freaking dislike excitebike and I always have. I never saw what the draw to it was. Its true there is not a kickle picture. I had a good plan for the popeye drawing too but you know. Time is the enemy. Every notice how scrotal popeyes chin is. The phallic shape of his nose?
  18. I was gonna write a long reply that no one would read, so I’m just gonna say the TLDR. My kids love YouTube. FGTeeV, Blippi, ToyHeroes, RyansWorld, etc. I don’t like the powers that be tell me what I can and can’t do if it isn’t hurting anyone. All in all, this is a form of censorship under the guise of “saving the children” and is just an overreach of government.
  19. Magnificent. God tier. Omega level. These descriptors and more are apt, yet somehow don't quite hit the mark. And the packaging!?! Don't get me started. Beyond adequate. Rare are the folks who consider utilizing shrink wrap to give their packages that extra level of protection, but this seller does it. You could say that it was an... Ap-solutely wonderful transaction. Easy as... 1-2-3 :P.
  20. As someone whose kids want to watch YouTube all the time, 99.9% of the kid content is the hottest garbage I've ever seen. Good riddance. Let the worthy survive.
  21. Yeah I dont take the people that run them seriously. People use it as a way to mark up their item. Cant sell for $100? Let's do 15 tickets at $10 each! And people actually do them too.
  22. The Internet is for cats. Here's our own Zeldacat, original gato from the historic video gaming district of Clifton, VA. She is a good and noble tortie with built-in sunbeam detection and cricket hunting skills. She even recorded a speedrun for our channel!
  23. This is my buddy Tyger. Showed up at apartment comolex one day and never left. I dont know what id do without him.
  24. Left to right: Biscuit, Coffee, Yuki Coffee and Biscuit hanging out. Coffee is the really friendly one. Also, our dog, Pepper.
  25. Susu and Alucard checking in. Su is on the stove and that’s Al when we brought home a project PC10
  26. This is my cat Smokey. He was a stray that showed up on the back porch. Started feeding him and he has been my buddy ever since.
  27. Hi. Me, @Johnny, and @Archon 1981 do a weekly/bi-weeklyish show about collecting video games. Often we just talk about collectible aspects of some variants and sets we find interesting, sometimes we cover an aspect of the hobby itself, and sometimes we have interviews with video game people. I'd describe us all as "set collectors" but with different focuses. Johnny goes hard on CIB US sets and is a well of Sega and Nintendo variant knowledge. I collect a mix of loose and CIB sets and care more about unlicensed, homebrew, vintage, and PC stuff than the other guys. Stephan is known to knock
  28. Hey folks, I made a video on some of my favorite NES Homebrews. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyjnTBE7SPw There will probably be a part 3 in the spring
  29. Xbox Studios first millionth selling game (physical) in Japan is Minecraft: Switch Edition.
  30. I think people are over-reacting to the $42,000 fine threat, like the government is immediately going to start flinging out fines day 1. The government moves slow and there will probably be an acclimation period to the new rules, so I expect Youtube creators who run afoul of the new rules will receive warnings with fines reserved to repeat offenders.
  31. Sounds like a new iteration of the gamewheel type scams
  32. I want to but I do not want to give EA money
  33. If you like Tenchu you'd probably dig it... but anyways back to Switch. I think my latest purchase was Creepy Brawlers? A Punch Out type game featuring horror monsters. Wasn't the developer of that game on NA? Good stuff. I saw one of the Haunted Halloween games up on the Eshop but I'm hoping both make it. And anyone messing with Ring Fit Adventure? Its surprisingly fun.
  34. Here’s all my pickups from the past week or so! I also got Downwell in the mail but don’t remember where I put it - Fairune, the left-con and the Pokeball were all from trades - the N64 games were BOGO from GameStop, $8 altogether! - Plants vs Zombies was an eBay find, finally found it with a clean slipcover, that was important - Louvre guide popped up on Mercari, didn’t expect to finally get the English version
  35. While I don’t like everything they’ve done, they are undeniably one of the most talented groups of musicians to ever form a rock band. Watch the Montreal ‘81 concert video to see a masterclass in how it’s done. Literally every member of that band just kills it both instrumentally and vocally.
  36. Here's my girl Cagon (Cat-dragon) She's 8 years old
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