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  1. Hailing from NA as Miss Clawful. Actually I ran away from there, and everywhere for some years so I just logged back in there today, but can't seem to get back on, some error code and this site here was suggested so I checked it out. And a lot of you I recognize from there, so there is that. Maybe I'll be here instead, have to see. I lurked for a little bit, but instead of continuing to lurk for what could have been forever I decided, why not, I'll sign up and if I don't like, I can sign back out. Well, unless someone captures and ties me up forcing me to stay until some mutant turtle or somet
  2. I feel like VGS is growing quickly. We hit 400 members today.
  3. You also weren't ballooning and manipulating the market yourself, you were riding an inexplicably hot wave. Just like the outsiders that are hurrying to unload anything sticker sealed black box right now, if somebody is gonna give you stupid money for something there's no reason not to take it.
  4. Aaawwwwe precious girl. look how much better her eyes are guys shes a little kid now!
  5. I figured I'd change my name here since it was sort of stupid the first time around. See ya in The Brewery!
  6. One of the longest tenured members from the other place....was mostly a ghost the last few years there unfortunately, but came here to be with some great people.
  7. Well i see Nintendoage is coming to an end. im new here but ive heard this is a great alternative community to NA im Dave and im known for my professional virtual boy repairs via solder and general mod work. i hope to enjoy VGS for years to come!
  8. Very few people have taken issue with the new collectors spending more money on things. The complaints are the obvious conflicts of interest and deceitful tactics the company has used in tandem with all of the parties I have named. No one cares about someone spending money on a game. Over inflated sales where buyer/seller/grader/auction house are literally all one in the same is a load of dog shit and people don't have to walk on eggshells pointing out the obvious over here. Again, when Jim Halperin can be a WATA advisor, a founder of Heritage Auctions, and part buyer of the $100k
  9. Yup. A trophy system is something we plan to implement after some time.
  10. Then why'd you settle down and have kids with me?
  11. Damn if I'd just waited a little bit longer, I'd have been #420. Oh well! It's a pleasure to be reunited with all of you
  12. The 2/3 'No' ratio we have so far is quite telling of the 'pressure' of self censorship that the members felt on NA about anything discussed about WATA. All threads looked to be overly positive, but it seems that it didn't reflect the general sentiment of the community. Maybe we come off a little anti-WATA from the context surrounding the launch of VGS, but still, I'm sure people feel more comfortable to voice their personal opinion about this on here VS there. I can say for myself that I hold some of my criticism because I didn't want to argue with multiples replies trying to deny my opi
  13. I guess I'll start. I've been collecting complete NES games since the late 90's and I've always been picky about making sure the games are as close to brand new as possible. Meaning I like them to have all the original items that were included when they were brand new. I definitely feel like I am in the Top 10 OCD collector's when it comes to this but I wouldn't be surprised if others are worse off than me. Also note that this information mostly applies to licensed games. Alright, down the rabbit hole we go: BACK LABEL (Gold) Label 1 - Summer 1987 - Spring 1988 Label 2 - Spring 19
  14. Hello and welcome to VGS! I know that many of you are still exploring and discovering what VGS has to offer, including many features and settings that are different from what you might have been used to on other forums such as NintendoAge. We've received a lot of feedback so far about missing the "Latest Posts" or "Latest Topics" features that many of you are familiar with. Well, we have different ways to give you something similar here, and we hope even better! You can create custom "Activity Streams" here where you can save a number of different settings to customize exactly how yo
  15. Game Specific Guides Name Publisher Comments Cover Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder Capcom Ballz 3D Brady Batman Forever Gamepro Beavis & Butthead Brady Blackthorne Prima Brain Lord (World Cover) Infotainment
  16. No. I smelled a rat when it first started personally. I never trusted that kid.
  17. We are all so busy protecting our egos in this thread but you know, collecting is collecting. The guy that spends $10 on a loose barbie cart he will never play, the guy that spends $100 on a CIB, the guy that spends 5k on a sealed? They vary only in degree. Nobody NEEDS physical copies of any of this stuff. The underlying collecting behavior is the same. Some of the guys at the top end don't want to admit it because they don't want to feel like they are the same as the guys looking for dollar carts, and some of the guys at the bottom don't want to admit it because they don't wan
  18. I got the special edition with the steelbook and artbook from Europe. And cmon, no one that speaks German could be an awful man
  19. I’m a 911 operator I think I would enjoy that. Even if it’s not cool. Sounds like good, honest work, and I like a job where you walk the floor, something that I’m currently missing. I have enjoyed jobs refurbishing computers, un /loading trucks, and picking warehouse orders. Standing and /or moving all day can be good for you, if your employer is not an asshole *cough cough Amazon* balance and appropriate rest and conditions are needed.
  20. You click on the magnifying glass on the search bar then click members search (there is content search and members search tabs) then scroll to the bottom and hit the search members button. search bar > members search > search members The total will be near the top.
  21. Hey, I have a picture with Garry Kitchen and David Crane of Activision/Absolute fame.
  22. Hey All, I just wanted to say to say thank you to everyone that had a piece in making this new site. I hope we can get back to being a community and away from the turmoil. Is it true there’s a like button here?
  23. Agent, bodyguard, unauthorized biographer and drug dealer-- uh, keeper-awayer.
  24. Me and (can I borrow your wife for a second, @skinnygrinny?)
  25. Here's me on top of the Fairlane I bought from Randy (TheTallGuy)
  26. I drive the Rumble bee. On occasion I drive boring vehicles like my work van or a 2010 Honda civic.
  27. Because as someone back in NintendoAge once correctly pointed out, a cat is a man's best friend I do seriously love the furry beasts, but I love most animals admittedly... I mean, it was inevitable that a cat thread would eventually happen...
  28. Hey, I beat Tom the next time it came up! Maybe we can compete again sometime!
  29. Welcome, glad you made it! Hope to see you at the next MGC!
  30. Or... He just isn’t an f wad that manipulated a market...
  31. @skinnygrinny that's awesome to hear
  32. Addams Family & Funhouse for me, although I've had a lot of fun with other cabinets as well, just not spent nearly the money on anything else combined as compared to those two. Fun fact: When I was working my first call center job, they had a small "arcade" for people to relax in and blow of some steam while on break/lunch/etc. Not only did it have those two machines, but also two of my all time top arcade cabinets--Ms. Pacman (with the speed mod done--didn't realize the machine didn't normally run that fast until well into adulthood, always thought the "arcade accurate" home ports were
  33. Oh yeah, it's a good one! My favourite part as a kid was just flying around in the Gyrocopter firing missiles at everything, usually on the little USA stage. It was also very satisfying when you manage to unlock the birdman suit, and you can truly take the game at your own pace, without the worry of fuel or keeping tight control of your flying.
  34. Borderlands 3 PS4, Baldurs Gate 1 + 2 on the switch, and links awakening switch. I'll be taking a break to try Celeste when it comes this week and I'm almost done with Links awakening though.
  35. Transaction: DW IV Map Feedback: Positive Comment: Great buyer! Friendly and easy to talk to. Really nice guy and easy to work out a deal with. Many thanks.
  36. Best one I can think of was that marill in Pokemon was going to be named Pikablue. Another common one was that you could use strength on the car outside of the S.S Anne ship and find mew underneath.
  37. It's whatever the people that advise the comic collectors tell the comic collectors they need to invest in. Likely something they themselves just happen to have multiple copies of.
  38. Here’s my girlfriend and I when we were visiting Pittsburgh a few weeks ago.
  39. How easy is it uploading pics now?
  40. Can you guys get a little more to the left please, I'm here to look at the Stonehenge.
  41. I'll probably take a few looks over the next week or so, but the majority of my posting activity will be here. I was "done" with that place when Jeff bought it. It does feel good to be back supporting the community again (just refused to be a corporate whore for free).
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