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Beat the Gamecube Library!


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Fire Emblem Path of Radiance done.

I originally thought I had only played a few chapters of this years ago but turns out I actually finished it back then.

It was a lot of fun replaying this game. It’s probably close to the top of my favourite fire emblem games. The story is epic and the battles are just the right amount of challenge.


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Updated the leaderboard!

Changed the "standings" to add a bit of competitiveness........

MegaMan52         9
Brickman               6
Gaia Gensouki       3
Reed Rothchild     2
nesmaster14         2
Twiztor                  1
Kguillemette          1
ikk                          1

@MegaMan52 @Brickman @Gaia Gensouki @Reed Rothchild @nesmaster14 @twiztor @Kguillemette @ikk

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Beat Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly and got every Gem and Dragonfly (7,000 Gems, 90 Dragonfly's). 

If you beat the game without all of the Dragonfly's, the battle against Ripto is cut short and the Credits are the only ending you get. But if you get every Dragonfly, a short parade cutscene plays before the Credits. 

This is probably the buggiest game I've ever played. Both the PS2 and GameCube versions are full of glitches and other issues. The GameCube version is the more playable of the two, because the PS2 version freezes more often (it can get pretty bad in some levels, such as Crop Circle Country). There's also an annoying audio glitch in the PS2 version that causes sound effects to play over and over until you leave whatever level you're in, which doesn't seem to be in the GameCube version. I still think it is a reasonably good game, but it's buggy and sometimes frustrating.


Here's a glitch that can occur in most of the levels (maybe all of them). Sometimes the game doesn't load sections of a level, so you either have to fall down or go to another area and come back and hope that the game loads the area you were trying to go. The level shown in the picture is Jurassic Jungle (the final level). This is the last part of the level, where the exit portal is. There is suppose to be a path here that allows you to go back to the beginning of the level, but the game didn't load it.


As flawed as the game is, something that is often praised is the music. Indeed, the game has an excellent soundtrack composed by Stewart Copeland. A soundtrack CD was released that contains a few of the games music tracks, as well as some extra music tracks that were apparently intended for one of the games unused levels (Enchanted Forest).

Some button codes are also included in the game.

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Beat Finding Nemo.

Not much to say about it. Frustrating puzzles, good music, average gameplay. Movie scenes look reasonably good considering the smaller disc space of the GameCube's discs.

Collector's note: There exist multiple revisions of the GameCube version. While many don't care about Player's Choice copies of games. this is a game I recommend getting a Player's Choice copy of if you decide to play it. I remember my original copy that I got in 2003 had ridiculous load times, sometimes taking over a minute. Player's Choice copies have much.faster load times, taking no longer than eight seconds.

Some black label copies also have fast load times, like the one I've got now. But there's no way of knowing if it has faster load times until you put it in the GameCube (or look at the numbers on the bottom of the disc). Also, some early copies of the game included a movie ticket.

If you get all of the Starfish, you can unlock a secret level.



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Beat Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet, because it was short (took only about four hours to beat) and it has just been sitting on the shelf with my GameCube collection for a few years.

The game has cel shaded visuals, and the characters look closer to their appearances on the show compared to the Dora the Explorer game for PS1. It runs at a silky smooth 30 FPS most of the time, which isn't too surprising since the game doesn't look like it really pushes the GameCube's hardware. The game has a clean and colorful look, as expected, and is likely to appeal to fans of the show and games with cel-shaded visuals. Surprisingly the characters have real shadows, not just circles.

Music isn't really great or memorable, but some of it is catchy (yellow planet) and some of it is relaxing (Blue Planet and the music that plays while you're flying though space).

There are certain sections in the game where you don't really do much or have direct control over Dora, and simply press the A button to perform an action (like turning the Rocketship to avoid Asteroids or swinging from vine to vine).

A little too easy for an adult, but maybe worth playing if you have a kid who is a fan of the show (or if you're a fan of the show).

Fun fact: This is the only game on this so-called "kiddie" console that is rated EC (Early Childhood).



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After beating Pac-Man World Rally earlier this year, I said I might beat Pac-Man World 3. Well, I did. This is the final game I'm beating for 2022.

I got pretty excited in 2005 after reading that one of my favorite games on the GameCube would be getting a sequel. I watched the trailer videos and read the Press Releases on Namco's site. I read previews and watched other PMW3 videos on GameSpot and IGN. When the game was released in November of 2005, I went to my local Future Shop (now closed, but we still have Best Buy) and looked for it. I went to the GameCube section. I found the game, but there were only like two copies there mixed in with hundreds of other games for the console. Didn't matter to me, because I was still able to buy the game.

I sold the game in 2006 after playing it for a few months. I liked it, but I don't know...I guess I just wanted to play some games that were released in 2006, like Mega Man X Collection. I was also looking forward to Pac-Man World Rally, but didn't play it until the following year.

In early 2007, I kind of missed playing PMW3 and wanted to play it again. I went to a Hollywood Video that I had been going to since 2002. Because I went there for so many years, the owner let me request games. I wasn't sure if Pac-Man World 3 was still available, but I requested it anyway. He got Pac-Man World Rally instead, which was fine by me since I hadn't played it yet and wanted to.

I  bought the copy of Pac-Man World 3 I have now in 2011 on eBay. It was sealed. I didn't regret opening it, because I was happy to have the game in my collection again and really wanted to play it.

In 2020, I bought a copy of Soul Calibur III on PS2 with a demo disc that has demo of Pac-Man World 3 with several differences and a few things that weren't included in the final release: 

A few years ago, I manage to play every Maze in the game without touching the ghosts:

Anyway while I don't like Pac-Man World 3 as much as the first two, i still like it and had fun playing through it again. It's been a few years since I last beat it.

Also, the fact that Namco released every console Pac-Man game (plus the Namco Museum compilations) released during that era on GameCube pleases me greatly (the PS2 and Xbox didn't get Pac-Man Vs., and Xbox also didn't get Pac-Man Fever and Pac-Man World Rally). The GameCube really was the ultimate console for Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Resident Evil games during that era.


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