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Thanks. I didn't think anybody liked my ramblings. I did have a few people like the fact I didn't edit them. They said it was more real and not produced. 

With this development over the past year or so I might be starting up some videos. Also am going to start my journey in the Gamecube set (I already have about a third of it already), and think it will be fun to document my experience. Not sure if anybody would watch them with all the new game collecting channels out now......

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14 hours ago, Tanooki said:

Long time no see and a gamecube journey sounds interesting as you don't see that pop up often.  Maybe even dig into some regional exclusives?  I have, it's fun to scratch that surface a bit.

Nice to see some familier names, and some new peeps. Hello all !!!!!! 

I finished my Dreamcast NTSC set, and then went on to get all SHMUPS for the Dreamcast including the "Post Death" SHMUPS for it. Now I have to pick something else and decided to go Gamecube (It was that or start tackling the PS1) . I have most of the heavy hitters, so it shouldn't be too bad. I just want to get them in lots. Also I got a Modded Spice Cube with matching GBA player, so I can play all the imports that didn't come out there that I like.  The Cube was my favorite system that generation, so I am excited to find some new games to try out. 🙂 

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If I had a real collecting bone left the GC would be attractive.  I don't have your lead off, probably around 30 games, but I have some of the ugliest price wise like Cubivore so that would be a plus.  Good luck with it, and better off that than PS1 was that's an insane amount of games and they're starting to creep up too, even the bland ones while the notable JRPGs and others are getting nuts.  I'm currently sitting on a dozen or so PS1 games and I'm waffling on the whole catch or release bit (as is with PSP too.)  For some less is more, for others more is happily more.

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