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Great news -

Ex-Nurse Sentenced to Probation in Patient Medication Death

Nashville Criminal Court Judge Jennifer Smith said Vaught would receive judicial diversion, a way for first-time offenders to have their charges dropped and their records expunged after successfully completing probation. Prosecutors had argued against diversion, although they were not opposed to probation.

The crowd of nurses outside protesting cheered, cried and hugged after hearing the sentence. The relief came after the health care workers spent hours in the sun and clung to every word of the judge’s lengthy sentencing explanation, some linked in a chain with hands locked.

Nurses have an incredibly difficult and demanding job. Furthermore, they often receive shit salary despite the literally life-or-death decisions they must make. Everyone on occasion will make mistakes. If you read through the history of this case, it becomes evident that the real culprit is the famed Vanderbilt University Medical Center which had numerous issues with how they handled patients before this, and then they threw her under the bus! I don't believe this should ever have come to trial, but I'm glad the best possible outcome occurred.


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7 hours ago, Tabonga said:

They went in looking for jewels, they got theirs handed to them.  I wish every business would fight back until this stops.

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2 hours ago, Tabonga said:

I particularly liked how the one clerk repeatedly smacked the one wannabe that had fallen on the ground. 

Yeah that was nice, the good form of "kick'em while they're down" I think we can get behind.  The losers though that was the store employees, but no, it was them taking the mighty boot.

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