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Crime & Punishment -- USA Edition


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10 minutes ago, Tanooki said:

As it's Little Caesars, she really wanted to show her dedication to their motto on those boxes in recent years.  She had fast delivery served 'Hot & Ready' as advertised. 🙂

I will bet her customer service skills were just ace!

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2 hours ago, Tabonga said:

F*ck these pieces of sh*t.  Makes me wish we still had capital punisment on Colorado.


Agreed, good case for a classic eye for an eye  (firing squad.)

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An accused serial shoplifter with 122 prior arrests was released again under New York state’s bail reform law despite even liberal Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office wanting him to remain in custody, according to a report.

It was McLucas’ 50th arrest so far this year alone, yet somehow there were no other active cases against him.

Bragg’s office told the Post they would have requested pre-trial detention, but prosecutors can only request bail on certain misdemeanors if there are other pending cases against the suspect.

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