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Veterans' Day Story Time


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So some of you may be aware that I was deployed to Iraq and even heard me talk about it in VGS Discord.  Well today I think I'm going to share story about the mission where I was attacked and received my Combat Action Badge and also the same mission that went sideways.  I wrote this event out the day I got back to my base and shared it with my best friend and 2 strangers who I was pen pals when when I was deployed.  Beside my significant other I haven't shared with anyone else and honestly haven't read the whole thing since writing it that day and today where I added some comments/context.

The reason why I'm doing this is to share just average soldiers experience in Iraq on a bad day.  I don't even know if I'd call this the worst day in my deployment.  But what it is, is a good look into the thoughts and feelings I had.  I could never explain the  whole feelings of the deployment.  The good, the bad, the black humor....even I couldn't understand others deployment till I experienced one myself.  Now I get it a lot more but I could never understand anyone's deployment completely like no one can ever completely understand my own.

Anyway I thought it was better to share than to forget this experience.  It's the only one that I actually wrote what happen (everything) on a mission while deployed so it's very accurate in terms of capturing the facts of the events and the emotional state.  Read if you want.  Don't worry...no one dies.  I'm not trying to make this a bummer of a day.  These events took place a few days before February 28, 2010.

Fuckin' Gary Owen


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