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[WTB/WTTF] WTB CIB/Complete NES Games


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WTB CIB/Complete NES Games

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Hey y'all! I got back into collecting for the NES, looked up all the titles on the console, and have made a list of some of the last games I'd like to buy. I'm looking for CIBs, with the poster if they came with one. I'm less concerned with the Nintendo Power inserts and other stuff, but it's a nice to have. I don't need like new condition, but I would like very good box condition: straight sides, no writing, no major tears, all tabs intact, no major creasing. I'm less concerned about minty inserts, and I'm assuming that he game is in nice shape.

I had a good amount of nothing but positive feedback on the old NA site, and I currently have over 1000 feedback on eBay. I'm looking to buy first and foremost, but I do have some items for trade. I'm in the USA.

Anyway, on to the list!


  • Adventure Island II
  • Adventures of Dino Riki
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game


  • Bee 52 (with poster) ($120)
  • Firehawk (with poster) ($80)

Edit: Knocked a couple off the list thanks to some great members! Still looking for the titles above, and put bounties on the Unlicensed games.

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