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i paid 300 dollars for a piece of painted metal.

Nes Freak

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but it was worth it.  this is a zapper gun holder for the m82 nes  most of these are missing off m82 ive seen on ebay for some reason.  i wasnt even looking for one  i was looking up some random rare games for nes  and just happen to come across this.  i figured whats the likely hood of some one selling this separately.  so i bought it.


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16 hours ago, inasuma said:

even your cat is like, "cat toys would have been nicer but ok fam"


nicely done tho. i feel like non-retail games collecting is way too much for me. but seeing it is really impressive.

that cat is brand new too  a rare Abyssinian tabby variant 😛  i just picked him up at the flea market for 100 dollars and hes in great shape!  it was a good deal XD

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