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Does a NA version of Donkey Kong Land III v1.1 exist?

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  • The title was changed to Does a NA version of Donkey Kong Land III v1.1 exist?
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Yeah it does. I also have NA version 1.1: 


The title screen isn't the only difference. In the Tundra Blunda level, the ending was extended slightly (apparently to fix a glitch that is in version 1.0):


I also have the Japanese version for Game Boy Color, which is based on version 1.1: 



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On 11/2/2021 at 7:22 AM, austin532 said:

Does anyone have the supposedly variant of Donkey Kong Land III version 1.1? Every NA version I've seen has been 1.0. The difference is with the title screen but I suspect it was only a PAL thing.



This is the one I've got too.

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26 minutes ago, austin532 said:

@MegaMan52 Are there any differences on the box that you can see? I'm guessing v1.1 must be the reprints that used to be so easy to find sealed a few years ago.

I don't have version 1.0, so I can't compare the boxes. But here are some pictures of my Donkey Kong Land 3 box and manual:




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