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Official Secret Santa Discussion Thread 2021! (Signups are closed)

Secret Santa

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11 hours ago, FireHazard51 said:

My eyes!!!!



But I'm in....time to stock up on chili

Bender:  Get Bent!

7 hours ago, Gloves said:

Remember everyone, just saying you're in isn't enough - send Santa your lists

Robot Santa:  Naughty person telling people what to do!  I will put that on the list, but you are correct!  We have only received 8 of the 20 that have signed up so far!  

Robot Santa:  Well it's time for another hin.......

Bender:  Santa, you need to stop giving out so many hints!  You don't have to give them a hint everytime you post, let them think about it for a bit.

Robot Santa:  Fine Bender!  You are right, I can give another hint next post.  Just remember to include whether you can ship Internationally or not.  If you haven't said yes or no, I will ask you in your list pm.

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4 minutes ago, matthughson said:

Probably a dumb question, but is the idea that this is a list of games you want that cost $25 or less? Or do people just put random stuff on there as well?

There are no dumb questions.  It is anything from candy, to collectibles.  Games, yes, knick-knacks, yes, candy, yes.....It can be anything you want.

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21 hours ago, AverageOliver98 said:

Shouldn't there be a banner on the forum home page saying that Secret Santa sign up has started?

Robot Santa:  It was supposed to happen earlier, but Gloves is a busy dood!  

20 hours ago, Gloves said:

I shared it on Twitter! And it's on the home page!

Robot Santa:  No one uses Twitter!  Thanks for the banner, you have surely redeemed yourself for the earlier shaming of those not sending in their lists!  

Bender:  Let me whack him with my bat Robot Santa!  

Robot Santa:  Now now Bender, let's see what other naughty stuff he has to say before we start doing that.  Give the guy a chance!

Bender:  Fine, but don't say I ain't warnin' ya about that guy, he will be back on the naughty list soon with comments about holidays and stuff!

Robot Santa:  You are probably right!  Now for Hint #3:  Santa is still deciding if he wants to join in on this party!  The other santa is joining in on the party!    

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I'll see if I can do this. 😅 Because of the way things are going for me, I had to hire HK-47 as both my translation droid and therapist. So the combination of me finding anything I want for $25 might be harder than one might think. 😅

HK-47: Translation: He requires proof of good faith. He must make a list that shows he is not a financial threat. Shall I blast them now, Zero?

Not now, HK. I'm trying to say that I would love to be a part of this. But...

HK-47: Definition: 'Love' is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope... Love is knowing your target, putting them in your targeting reticule, and together, achieving a singular purpose against statistically long odds.

See? HK already knows my gaming habits. But in all cases... eBay has not made this an easy task for me.

HK-47: There is a faction of meatbags called eBay sellers. They want what any rational meatbag would want – the power to overcharge anything they choose at any time.

That is true... In all cases I'll see if I can build a list. Otherwise, I'll hope to hear about the outcomes while I spend another year not being in Japan, seeing if I can get ideas for my business ideas and Aspie's therapy. 😅

HK-47: Observation: It's just that... as your therapist I should point out that you have all these squishy parts. And all that water! How the constant sloshing doesn't drive you mad, I have no idea.

. . . . . 😩

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23 hours ago, matthughson said:

Probably a dumb question, but is the idea that this is a list of games you want that cost $25 or less? Or do people just put random stuff on there as well?

The way I treat it is a list of games that can be in the $25 range (with a few higher priced ones sprinkled in, in case someone feels generous.), but I also mention I like Kirby, Fallout and a few other things so if they got me a little blind bag Kirby keychain or something as a bonus that would be great. I've had people make me Kirby crafts before (like a crochet Kirby and a perler art Kirby) and I cherish both of them. They have a place of honor on my Kirby shelf. Along with a Christmas Kirby plush someone sent me (super soft and fluffy with a Santa hat on!).

And when I'm gifting, I usually include a little baggy of candy (I try not to include anything with nuts in them in case someone is allergic though) and maybe a little trinket or two. Just a little surprise they're not expecting.

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Homebrew Team · Posted

The reason for getting the ball rolling early is because with the pandemic still going on, peak season with the USPS may well be as busy as last year. Additionally, if you haven’t been following the news, USPS is changing its mailing standards, transitioning away from reliance on the FedEx air fleet, and relying more on its own ground transportation network, which will slow down package delivery service at greater distances.

In order to ensure you good little VGS kiddies get your presents on-time as possible, starting this earlier was necessary.

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  • The title was changed to Official Secret Santa Discussion Thread 2021! (Signups are closed)

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