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VGS NES Weekly Contest - KLAX


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Events Team · Posted

For this special week, we have a special game with a special set of rules to define the very special Puzzle genre champion!
It is all so 90s! It is time for KLAX!

This week will be a tough call for @bertsampson, who stands 2nd with 26 points against @0xDEAFC0DE33 points. He needs to win and hope that 0xDEAFC0DE scores out of the top 8.

But enough of that! Here's what's everyone expecting! KLAX rules!

  • Pick difficulty easy and ramping on
  • Beat the 1st stage and take your picture to record your 2nd stage starting score
  • Do your best to score as many points on stage 2.
  • If you beat stage 2, pause the game at the start of stage 3 and take your picture.
  • Your final score is your stage 2 score minus the stage 1 score
  • Highest score wins
  • Genre: Puzzle


So rad Klax maniacs, good luck figuring the winning pattern for stage 2. We broke stage 1 to hell last time. This time you all will have to get creative!

The contest ends Sunday, 11/07/21 at midnight Brasilia time. Your user name MUST be written or typed on a piece of paper and be in the picture for your score to be valid.  The entire TV screen, or computer monitor if you are playing on an emulator, MUST be in the picture for the score to be valid.  No partial screenshots will be considered or accepted.  No screenshots by hitting "print screen" on a computer will be allowed.  You must take a picture of your computer monitor.  There may be instances where this will be acceptable, but it will be at the discretion of myself and the contest organizers.  Also, the use of turbo controllers is forbidden, as well as any cheat codes, Game Genies, slow motion functions, or save states if playing on an emulator.  Also, we will only be using NTSC systems for the contests.  The use of PAL systems will NOT be allowed.  Good luck everyone and have fun

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2,563,450 (2,570,850 - 7,400)



This should be pretty much the max you can get. You can technically squeak out a few more points if you want to juggle some more to end with more on the track (which gives you points at the end), and as I'm typing this I realized that there probably is a little better of a set up for the first four klaxes (I did a quick check and you can get at least an extra 14,850), but this is close enough. It beats bea's 1.7 million combo and this is on the second level where you have an extra piece type.

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On 10/31/2021 at 3:03 PM, mbd39 said:

How many millions will Deafcode get this time? 🤔

Looks like 2.5 is about the limit

On 10/31/2021 at 3:05 PM, BeaIank said:

I am quite sure he won't bother going for 1,700 mil at stage 1 since I took that big problem out of the way.

Well, I think we can officially say it's pretty dead now. I've broken it even harder than you by the power of RNG manipulation.

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I just find it amusing that we're basically trying to play as shit as possible on the first level, then be an absolute ringer on the second...although in @0xDEAFC0DE's case, even that isn't necessary 😛  Not even sure HOW one would RNG this shit to the degree ya took this to.  I assume it's something to do with filling the board and comboing it clear, but that would require things to fall pretty much exactly the way you want them to.  Gotta tip my hat to ya.

Hey, maybe next year we do action puzzlers instead of RNG based ones...give the rest of us a chance 😛

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