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WTB Virtual boy games (WaterWorld, Nester, Tetris 3D) Come on, help a guy out! :)


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Yo peeps!

I've recently got into the Virtual boy, loving the system!

Just wondering if anyone has any bro deals they want to swing my way for any of the following titles?


  • Golf (Japanese or US version fine)
  • 3D Tetris
  • Nester's Funky Bowling
  • Water World

Japanese uncommons:

  • Virtual Fishing
  • Innsmouth No Yakata
  • Space Squash

Japanese rares:

  • SD Gundam War
  • Virtual Lab
  • Virtual Bowling
  • Space Invaders

I'm not REALLY looking for a full set, but I do want to try and experience as many different games for the system as possible, given the small overall library of titles. I am happy with loose carts, as long as they work fine. I will consider other Virtual Boy related items as well, depending on what you have!

Okay, so that's about it, let me know if you got anything I need! 馃檪

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  • The title was changed to WTB Virtual boy games (WaterWorld, Nester, Tetris 3D) Come on, help a guy out! :)
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