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Questions about Gameboy Gameshark


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I'm looking to get a gameshark for gameboy/color specifically for using with the 1st and 2nd gen Pokémon games. I'm wondering if there are specific models/versions I need to look for ? Do they have any common problems and fixes like the N64 gamesharks do? and any other general info. Thanks

Edit: Or if anyone knows if Game Genies work with Gen1 and 2 Pokemon?

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2 hours ago, erac said:

From a modern perspective, it would be better to get a GB cart reader, then edit the save using that. The cheat carts are limited, with save editing you can make exactly the pokemon you want.

I didn’t think of that, sounds like a better alternative, thanks!

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There’s also an obscure device called a brainiac or something like that. I have one somewhere but can’t find it at the moment. I have never used it before (got this when I starting collecting) but I looked it up and think I remember reading it is made specifically for enabling cheats on Pokémon games. I don’t believe it works for any other games besides Pokémon 

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3 hours ago, phart010 said:

I used to use my Game Genie back in the day with Pokémon Red on the Original DMG gameboy. So I can confirm that it works. You can use it to find Mew in the wild.

Or you could always just use HM CUT on the truck by the SS Anne  😂🤣😝

I actually have a Mew, you may or may not know that there is a pretty easy way to glitch a Mew encounter. Mew is actually my main ‘mon when playing through the game. Im actually looking for a cheat device so i can play through Pokémon Stadium with an imported team without taking months to assemble a team for each cup/level bracket

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