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Update on local game store franchise


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I don't know if anyone remembers my original post about a local store owner here in Nebraska that had alledgly did some bad things. 


I was vague about it because I kind thought the trial got canceled.  As it turns out, it got pushed because of covid. 


Tomorrow is the big day,  the trial starts.  So I figured I'd let people see what I meant. The guy has been nothing but nice to me, but has loads of controversy. If this goes the way it seems to be going we will either be getting a new owner for the stores or closing down altogether.  

There is always more to tell, but I'll save that for after trial. 


So.. here is the tea. 


^A friend of mine, (the owner of the shop that got raided) lost over 100k worth of crazy rare and unique stuff

There is also this.. 



I don't know if anyone has ever heard of "Hood gaming" on YouTube but that's him. 


I honestly hope at least some of this isn't a thing, but it seems to be an open and shut thing. 


This followup is for the people who messaged me and I didn't want to explain anything at the time but be annoyingly vague. 


If it's true it's gonna suck, we need competition badly.


With these articles in mind, would you shop here?

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Here in my state i believe all games stores that buy or trade with customers are required to have a pawn (or equivalent) license, and are required to hold all purchases for ten days also anything with a serial number is put into a police program to verify against theft.

No i would never shop there.    slightest hint of ethical shortcomings im out... I’ve had video games stolen and it FUCKING sucks

sexually assaulting a minor with a disability?!?!?! 

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