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The new crown jewel of my collection.

Kain Highwind

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Sometimes it’s not the most expensive games that become your gems. I’ve got way more expensive things than what is in my Zelda display case yet Zelda is the only series with a display case while the Samson, Dino Peak, and Power Blade 2 stare in jealousy from the shelf lol

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Some people seem to think it's peak 8bit Dragon Quest/Warrior.  I don't.  I've owned all of the 8bit ones, and I'd put #4 as the best.  It's 16bit era level refined, story or should say stories work better, gameplay handles nicer, and I like the music and characters too more.  It's far more approachable with the unique chapters setup because you get a grouping of small DQ1 sized style mini JRPGs, very unique to each character/characters at play in it that's just a lot of fun.  When it then comes together with the hero in the huge last chapter it makes it all the more rewarding because you know why each had a motivation for being there, not, that you bumped into the next non-NPC as is the usual typically in some town or in a dungeon in distress.

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12 hours ago, phart010 said:

Is Dragon warrior three better than Dragon warrior 4?

I don’t have part 4 yet but I was kind of wondering if it’s even worth it to dish out all the dough

2, 3 and 4 are all great.

2 IMO hits the perfect balance of risk and reward in exploration, while 3 adds the bank to stash your gold in. It takes away a lot of the stakes you'd normally face while fighting enemies, but overall 3 just feels like a more polished version of 2 overall. Going from the original concept of the series, DQ3 is pretty much every thing fine tuned to perfection, and even today it's still held as one of the biggest and most influential games in the series, and is probably the one most often referred to in general terms.

4 is where they started changing things up by picking out unique gimmicks for each individual entry. 4 has the chapters system, where you play as different characters in their own chapter, and then for the final chapter, all of those join up but in the original NES version they are AI controlled at this point, which is usually considered the worst aspect of the game (and was fixed in all the later remakes).

While I love the novelty of 4's individual character stories, it also gets a little boring after that point. My favourite aspect of DQ3 is how open ended the entire game is, allowing you to basically explore the entire game world at your own leisure, and figuring out what problems to solve in each area, in the order you find most approachable. And no other DQ games really did that well after that game, unfortunately.

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