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Looking for a certain NES game list


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Under "Game" select the desired region, and under "Cart/Profile" set the "Cart Size" field to 40.  That'll give you every US release of 40 KB.  However, there are actually several smaller games, so if you want "40 KB and under" then change the drop down to "Less than or equal to" and voila!

40 KB and under: http://bootgod.dyndns.org:7777/search.php?region_op=%3D`%40`&region=USA&cartsize_op=<%3D`%40`&cartsize=40&field=2&order=asc&rfa=1+2+11+3+9+20+41+53

Exactly 40 KB: http://bootgod.dyndns.org:7777/search.php?region_op=%3D`%40`&region=USA&cartsize_op=%3D`%40`&cartsize=40&field=2&order=asc&rfa=1+2+11+3+9+20+41+53

EDIT: Also note that these are almost guaranteed to be NROM (mapper 0) titles, so you could also do a search for games using mapper 0 if that's more what you're after.

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Years ago I made some lists with all this stuff on it.  Basically what you're looking for is any game that can fill an NROM 256k board.  This is what I got when sorted (also by release date):


10 Yard Fight


Kung Fu


Stack Up

Super Mario Bros (obv)

Wrecking Crew


Mach Rider

Chubby Cherub

Tag Team Wrestling





Elevator Action




Ice Hockey





Spy vs. Spy




Dig Dug II


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2 hours ago, CasualCart said:

I've been digitally archiving my NES collection over the past few years, and I'm often surprised at how many seemingly-simple games use more complex mappers than the standard NROM. 


Could be from poor programming, or as simple as needing more graphics.  Mappers were originally just logic chips, used to grab 8k of CHR or 32k PRG of data at a time, for larger games.  Eventually Nintendo created mappers that allowed the programmers to access and create stuff easier IIRC, whether the game used it or not.  Also could just be simpler to use the fancier mappers because they were more current.  Like Waynes World/Cliffhanger, such shitty looking games use MMC3 (and are 256k large) but so is Vice Project Doom (MMC3, 256k) its is MUCH larger and varied.  

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