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Loose disc inside factory sealed game


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I know it gets noted sometimes on the information label, but not sure if it affects the grading. I have a game in this state as well and am curious if anyone has the actual answer. If I had to guess, I would say that it wouldn't affect the grading because there is no way to assess the damage of the disk (if any) if it is loose. Also, what if the game is already graded and the disk becomes loose afterwards? Does it need to be noted? Or regraded? Even though nothing directly observable has changed? I think grading focuses more on legitimacy of the factory seal and observable condition.

Who knows though - I could be way off 😛

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I wonder about all those graded games with dog eared manuals. I guess you can't hear that jingling around like a loose disc though. 


When I sell sealed disc games people almost always ask if the disc is loose or not, so it seems like a notable issue if getting it graded. Id definitely want to know if I was buying it. I'm not sure that it affects number or letter grade though. 

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