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Welcome to Game Night!  

We meet up every other Saturday and play whatever the poll is, and any other games we just decide to play.  You are more than welcome to vote and join up with fellow VGS members!  We generally try to meet up around 6PM EST and begin our play session.  It lasts until everyone gets tired and leaves.

The document below was created by @FireHazard51 to help track past game nights and make suggestions for future game nights.  


We meet up on discord, which you can access via the discord chat button above.  You can also use this invite link:  https://discord.com/invite/5tuxaqD

There is a section in discord for the Game Nights themselves.


It is not neccessary, but highly encouraged, that you join up in voice chat!  Trust me, we don't judge too harshly 😉.

You can find my Switch code in my profile, or on discord pinned to the game channel.  

If you feel like you just want to watch, feel free to check out the twitch channel I stream to.  We use it to display things such as Jack Box games, and also use it to just show off our MAD SKILLZ to those who just wanna watch 😆.


Any other information will be added here as it comes up!


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