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SOLD - Retroid Pocket 2 Fully Functional Excellent Condition

Count Hologram

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Dual boots - can switch back and forth between android and retroid front end.

Played a handful of times. Buttons tight and responsive, no physical damage

Plays everything PS1 flawlessly. Dreamcast runs smoothly with some graphical errors depending on the game.






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On 10/21/2021 at 1:25 AM, Count Hologram said:

Ps1 flawless, n64, some frame dips. This is only playing on the default emulator. I have not installed any of the standalones from the play store

Well that's impressive then because the custom stuff on there like that variation of mupen what I find seemingly runs full speed with as quality audio/visual as N64 emulation can get these days.

I'm on the fence with interest here.  Just not sure I really need a portable ROM loader but the possibilities are nice on the 32/64bit side.

I know this was supposed to come with a screen protector is that on there?  Does it have a micro SD card with it and if so how large?  Still have the original manual/packaging?  Still on Android6 or was that updated by you? Or any other details left off the post?

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