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Best place to buy arcade cabinets in the North East (USA)

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Probably depends on what your looking for and how far your willing to go. Are you looking for ready to go machines or something to work on to get up and running? I know of TNT amusements in PA for games that are ready to go. But im no expert on what to look for in this field

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Personally given my experience I would avoid pinball.  A large amount of them are just a damned headache, very expensive to get and repair too, more as they get newer into the DMD(dot matrix display) or older into the EM stuff due to parts issues.  They eat up a lot of room, just play one thing, and they need semi-regular maintenance in general in a majority of cases.  If you got some earlier 80s table that plays like an EM that doesn't have a lot of crazy toys and garbage to do, they're as simple as it'll get and still a chore.  If you're not comforable with PCBs, a 100yds worth of wiring or more, and all that comes with it, just don't.

If you want to jump in but not screw yourself, yeah I'm peddling my own direction here, but it works.  I'd get a Neo Geo, 2 slots, 4 at absolute most (6 are super heavy, flaky, break easier.)  You can fit an entire arcade of games in one cabinet because of the VHS tape box sized cartridges you slot into it.   You'll have platformer, fps rpg-ish shooters, actions, run n gun, goofy sports, vertical and horizontal shooters, racing, and obviously fighting games covered.  The other choice, find some cheap modern or broken cocktail and stuff ($30-50~) iCade 60in1 on that sucker as it has a nice wide variety of 1980-early 90s games on it.  If these float your boat, widen your reach then.  The Neo also has a fantastic 161in1 multicart you can get for little that has a vast majority of the game library right on it too.

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Check you local craigslist ads...

thats how i got started with a 40$ 1943 cabinet. Please invest some time into understanding the tech, That way minor issues won’t become major headache’s or repair roadblocks...

I honestly would discourage anyone from owning an arcade cabinet, that did not have some interest or desire to maintain it electronically. Almost every issue I’ve come across i was able to resolve myself with a bit of research and elbow grease.
if you can afford a pinball, buy a pinball!
Will be the best purchase you can make if you buy at the right price. Most owners toss out tables with super minor issues...700$ replace a few bad diodes= 3000$ table. You can also find tables that need whole sets of boards replaced and excessive water damage...

as with all things do your research.   And I personally would never spend mote than 600$ on even the most desirable cabinet.  Keep in mind your seller only has so many possible buyers.


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