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I'm a french coder, mostly known for years on the Atari Lynx scene as Fadest.

I never really stopped coding since I got my first Atari ST in 1987 (ouch !), but nothing really serious, just little games to occupy my time from time to time (I remade some of them in my console work afterwards), and evenings with my brother and my cousins (you know the concept: code a game in 1 hour, play it and improve it for 2 hours, trash it).

Now, I am mostly dedicate for consoles, published some free games for the Atari Lynx (and a bit Atari Jaguar, but nothing worth to be seen) in the the past 15 years, and started to code for Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo NES recently.

You can find all my released stuff for free download on Fadest - itch.io 

I plan to make more games for GameBoy and NES soon, so I guess I will start to post here about them and their progression when I will have something tangible.


This year, I decided to make a new step and started to publish my games (but also games from other developper soon) as physical games.

Right now, that means games for handheld consoles (Atari Lynx & Nintendo Game Boy) but maybe in the future also for home consoles.


(showcase of the games to public last week in a french show)


My last release is Asteroids Chasers for Game Boy last week (this is tha game the boy is playing via a MiST on the picture).

Remark: right now, I prefer not to use crowdunding or (log) pre-sales. So this means that the games are immediately available, or shortly after the sale on my site.

You can find more about the games on my site : yastuna-games.com


If this is OK with forum rules & moderators, I may also start a topic about the games.

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