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Nintendo Power Previews PCB Issues


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I've been trying to get this Power Previews PCB working for quite some time. 

I've basically replaced every component, and checked every trace, but only one light will come on.

I was going to paste a big post here, but I feel like pretty much no one will know what I'm talking about.

Hoping a competent engineer type will be interested in helping with this.

Also in the even more unlikely event that someone has a power previews PCB they want to get rid of... of course let me know.






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55 minutes ago, SNESNESCUBE64 said:

^ I'm wonndering if this thing needs the rest of it to work. Will that cart not work on a regular super nintendo?

Cart has a warning on it that it won’t if that means anything not sure. What’s the cart pcb look like? What happened to c33 and whatever was next to it?

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The cart is not a super nintendo cart.  It is just a fake shell around a pcb that has an eeprom on it which has the program the microcontroller runs. 

C33 is just an empty slot that was never used (for additional keys?).

I do have the rest of it, and actually a fully working one.  And it doesn't need to be connected to run.   Normal operation is that the lights will blink searching for the laserdisc player.   This board won't even do that.  Just single light on.

The cart works fine in a working PCB so that is eliminated as the problem.  Something must be wrong on the PCB.  I'm just hoping to get attention from someone who has embedded experience. 

My understanding how this works is that the keyboard is interfaced to the microcontroller from the latches on the left.  As you press the buttons it sets the input pins high on the microcontroller and that is being read by the program run to switch to different tracks on the laserdisc.  It's actually fairly basic, but still beyond my understanding on how to debug this to see where it is going wrong. 



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