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What VGSers have you met in person?


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Just now, captmorgandrinker said:

Don't forget @Pats1717 at the same time!

I searched for him before I commented. Didn't come up. Yo @Pats1717, glad your here bud! 

It was really nice meeting you guys. Being on the East Coast, getting to PRGE can be tough. Retro World Expo was only a 30 min drive. 🙂

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I met OptOut from here, it's funny our online and offline personalities are oppisites 😄


I also met a former NA user about 12 years ago, and I met the twin brother of another NA user (possibly now a VGS user?) a month or so back. It's always great fun to put a face to the name, and to meet up!

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@Romiked2689 is the one I've met most.  He's actually been to both my current house and last house.  Delivered a Playchoice-10 to me a couple of winters ago and popped my arcade cherry!  Good dude.

Otherwise, I met several IG / NA / VGS people at TMG this past June and I'll probably make it again next summer.  In my experiences most of the people I've met have been pretty easy to talk to. 

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