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Homebrew Swap Meet


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Homebrew Team · Posted

Welcome to this experiment in facilitating sales and trades for homebrew games!

I'll make updates as needed as we try this out, but maybe having a dedicated thread for homebrew fans to try sharing what they are willing to part with and want can help some of us declutter and others find those games we've been looking for.

Constructive suggestions welcome to make virtual swap meet work.

Some guidelines to keep in mind:

-Include what you have to offer and what you want (*remember the goal is to promote trades, so please have something to offer in addition to your wishlists).

-Feel free to talk to each other here as well as via PM in order to ask questions and make deals, especially if you want to loop in others for trades involving more than two people, but please keep conversation relevant or your post may be removed to prevent clutter.

-Update your post with what you have/want as you wish, I'm going to pin this thread for the time being, so there is no need to bump.

-As always be respectful of each other, no one is required to buy/sell if they decide not to, pursuant to VGS' existing rules.

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Homebrew Team · Posted

Scrobins' Table

For Offer:

Poronkusema-NES, CIB

2016 Halloween Scare Cart-NES, cart

Game Panic-Atari 2600, CIB

Alter Ego-NES, CIB (possible repro, please confirm if so and I will remove)

Sgt. Helmet-NES, CIB (cart slightly damaged, peg inside cart that holds board in place broke so doesn't always stay put, game otherwise works) I have another, otherwise identical copy that is in good condition that would also part with.


Looking for: (see also my main WTB thread)

- 16-bit Xmas 2011 & 2012


- Garage Cart (a boy can dream!)

- Hangman (K3VBOT)


- Space Foxes (Ricky Henry)

- Halloween Scare Cart 2018

- CTWC 2018: Archives

- Gemventure

- Twin Dragons: Dinky Special Edition (Green)

- Vegetablets Go

- Ilevan

- Waldoes Forever


NES chiptune:

- Anamanaguchi's Kickstarter Cart

- Kreese: Project PAL

- _node: d3ad_form4t

- Retro Coders: Years Behind

- Teletime

Sega Genesis chiptune:

- Tanglewood soundtrack

- YM2017










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JamsGobot's table


Garage Cart

Super Bat Puncher Demo

Astro Ninja Man

Moon8 (rainwarrior)

Bladebuster (NA Campout w/ highscore save)

Beat 'Em retroUSB

SMB2j RetroZone

Vs. RetroZone



Top tier willing to trade towards Garage Cart or maybe Super Bat Puncher

Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover LE #3 - 1st 10 were issued to Khan's beta tester team.  I also have the beer bottle (I think) and the original screen used to print the team tshirts (pics on request)


Super Russian Roulette

Action 53 V1




Open trading/offers

Rollie LE KS yellow box/cart

Trophy KS blue cart

Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl sealed gray cart; I also have an open green cart CIB

Eskimo Bob KS INL 5 screw white cart



Haradius Zero

Legends of Owlia INL 5 screw


Get 'Em Gary



Slatterhouse RetroZone repro

Hangman KevBot(K3VBOT)

Vigilante Ninja II LE #9



Spook-o-tron KS cart only

Vegetablets Go NES

Ilevan FC



retroUSB Wireless Gamepad


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Homebrew Team · Posted

Yay, so glad to see this getting going!

@JamesRobotI'll definitely keep an eye out for any of your other wishlist items. In the meantime, I recently scooped up a copy of Retrozone's SMB2j (en route to me atm), and I'm interested in your copies of Hangman, Ilevan, and Vegetablets Go. Let me know how much would be necessary to supplement and make a balanced trade if you're interested!

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