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Thanks to someone who found me here, my Crystalis collection is now complete :-)


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For many years I have been searching for the Crystalis "Get a Clue" hint book. Someone found me here and sold me their original childhood copy. It's pretty awesome that it had stayed with the original owner all these years, and I'm so happy he was willing to help me complete my Crystalis collection which as far as I know is all the items officially released, along with some random odds and ends. He also included a hand written note, which was very thoughtful and that will remain part of my Crystalis collection as well.

So from left to right the items are: Crystalis NES, Crystalis Get a Clue hint book, SNK 40th Anniversary Limited Edtion, God Slayer Advertisement, Crystalis GameBoy Color, Licensed Crystalis shirt from Fan Gamer with Sword of Crystalis sticker (the second sticker is from the shirt I wear), Jello pudding cups cardboard cutout (which if I remember correctly, JoneBone may have sold it to me in the NA days), God Slayer Famicom.

So needless to say, I am very happy to have my collection finally complete, thank you @Crystalisguy. The game has been my absolute favorite game, since the 90's. I remember renting it, then playing it at my best friends house. My dad eventually found it on clearance at Toys R Us, and brought it home. Through the years I must have played through the game dozens of times, and was a patron of sites like "Tom's Crystalis World" back in the early internet.

Tom's site miraculously is still up (since 1997 on Tripod lol) https://tpb68.tripod.com/tom.html he even replies to emails once every few years 🙂





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