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Selling my fairly robust NES collection...


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As a starting note: I know I am brand new to this forum but I have a very good, established rep on Pinside and KLOV under the same username. I am on ebay as RetroArcade77 as well if you wanted to review any of my profiles. 

And onto the meat of this thread... about a 6 weeks ago I decided to make a hard press to complete my NES collection (or at least get closer)... however, some recent events in life have me re-prioritizing and I've decided it's time to just fully move on. I have about 600 total carts with about 200 being either duplicates or ones that I don't consider high enough quality to be in my final collection (I like my games to be mint or as close to it) ... this weekend I plan to start going through everything and decide what type of Lots/Bundles make the most sense but I figured I would start a thread and gauge general interest to see if it dictates what I decide to prioritize photos for. 

I pulled a lot of it out last night (see pics) shoot me a message if there is anything below that you might be interested in. All from Smoke Free / Pet Free home. 


Here are some of the rare, over $100 titles I have and I will have some very nice, pristine lots of carts too once I decide how to break them up. 

TENGEN LOT - 15 Titles Total (13 Unique Titles) - $110

Flintstones - Surprise at Dinosaur Peak (loose, near mint) -$1250

Bonks Adventure (loose, near mint) -$800

G.I. Joe (loose, near mint) - $125

TMNT Tournament Fighters (loose, near mint) - $200

Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (loose, near mint) - $100

The Last Starfighter (loose, near mint) - $50

Legend of Zelda (Gold cart, loose, neat mint) - $75 ( I know Zelda isn't a rare game but the one is a real beautiful condition cart)


Here are some of the misc. hardware I will be posting. 

Nintendo Power Glove - (new open box, never worn. Compete contents but box is in rough shape) - $300

R.O.B. Robot in immaculate condition (complete robot which I just had on display and honestly never even powered on) - $200

Nes Advantage Joystick - (new, never used but box is very worn) - $50

Game Genie (open box - Camerica version / not Galloob version) - $125

NES Top Loader Console (working with one Dog bone controller, Mario / Duck Hunt and Zapper) - $150

NES Console (working with two controllers) - $100

















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@RetroGamerJP I remember your account from pinside when I used to have machines in the house here and your interest in the stuff popped up there too.

I'd be curious to see what manuals you have in that stack, and curious how firm you are on price, as I can see a game there I'm kind of tempted to consider popping for.  Also could use that paper tengen sleeve as I recently got a loose gauntlet without.

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