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Turbo Grafx 16/PC Engine Collection.


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I got to say, I like it, not too big but full of quality.聽 You got a decent selection of the few better US games along with some solid JP picks as well including that SGX stuff.

2 years ago I jumped back into this stuff and I had more than I did now, but some just didn't stick with me.聽 I then got the kit seen in the image, but even after that point if I liked something enough such as Aoi Blink(Blue Blink) I still grabbed it.聽 I've not bought for it over a year now, too much backlog on other things so it has mostly sat, but I'd like to make a move on more like the Ninja Gaiden you have there.聽 And yes annoyingly no Genjin, I keep missing the well priced stuff when I look off and on, no matter, maybe eventually.聽 Remarkably I got quite a few of these early on in bundles that would stun you given what they are as you can see.聽 I recall one bundle that included 1943 Kai going for less than the loose card alone does(did 2 years ago.)聽 I'd like to think the loose ones I'd get complete, but I just don't have the will to bother sadly.聽 I'm just happy to have these as the JP market had the better games and a much larger selection too which strangely seems to keep their price out of orbit like the TG stuff.

The PCEWorks bit was a surprise to me, it was a freebie after talking to the author of the how-to/strategy guide video included on a 2nd disc in that.聽 I registered Magic Engine back in the 90s (only time I bought a paid PC emulator) so I can use it if I like at least.


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My small gathering of games (last 3 are PCEW repros 2 bought by mistake from not reading Sapphire I got knowingly but was such a good deal and I will never own the real one and no I am not keen on them looking 1:1 but they are marked on the insides so no fear of being sold as such if I ever parted with them) some are thanks to LactCat and his mystery air boxes, some are from ebay bins, the 3 hurcards came with the PCE itself that I got at a very good deal, the cd unit/briefcase I bought from an NA member CIB and been recapped and its clean as a whistle damn near looked new.


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