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Place to purchase console boxes?

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eBay is probably going to be your best bet.  But before buying or bidding, I would contact the seller and confirm if they plan to ship the console box inside of a shipping box.  

And if you are only looking for two boxes, I would go ahead and list them here, just in case someone sees it and has one to sell.  

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I hear that, I technically could use one of those top loader boxes too.  Last one I had was a decade ago, it was pretty rough with nothing go to for it inside, so I sold it to an old local NA member in the day for a pittance. 🙂  I've been trying to recover boxes here and there when I can though now, most recent an ok condition purple gamecube one when my original 20 year old one croaked.  If I went for it I'd need a Mario 25th Wii box and all packing, the same for an original N64 unit too from launch.  And if getting into handheld that'll get messy and costly with 2 SP 101s needed, an an 001 platinum and NES.  It's why I just don't bother.

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