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Strange Ratchet and Clank 2 aus disc

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I got a lot of 8 misprint games one of them said it was a unknown artist CD so I played each track and IDed them all but now I'm confused as to what album it came from to me it sounds like some music compilation CD I'd like to find out which one though here are the tracks

track 1 Hear My Name :Armand Van Halden

track 2 Cry Little Sister Remix: The Lost Brothers

track 3 Breath Don't Stop :Jungle Brothers

track 4 Is it 'Cos' I'm Cool: Mousse T

track 5 Manila :Seelenuft

track 6 The Switch: Planet Funk

track 7 My Time: Dutch

track 8 In da Club: Epic Beats

track 9 I'm In heaven: Jason Nevins

track 10 Impossible: Squat '84

track 11 77 Strings: Kurtis Mantronik

track 12 Freaks: Mogaui

track 13 Nobody Like the Records I Play: DJ Tocadisco

track 14 Satellite: OceanLab

track 15 If I were You: Candee Jay

track 16 Close to the Edge: Michael Woods


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