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Hot Pot Runs


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I approached my brother with the idea for a novel several months back. I had the idea for a book in this style for quite some time, drawing inspirations from both Herman Wouk's The Lawgiver and Thomas Glavinic's Das bin doch Ich. My brother's been managing a blog for awhile, and he seems to enjoy writing, and as I wanted to be assured that the correspondence throughout the book seemed as though it was coming from different parties, I asked my brother to join my team. After initially pitching the idea, he declined, hard pass, but then I created a few email addresses for some of the different characters, wrote a chapter, and my brother was quick to get into the story.



The story revolves around the entrepreneur Frankie Wang, and his attempt at "making it big" after several previous failed business attempts. He ultimately drags his friend Eason into his idea, and due to a screw-up, they end up contracting with a team of non-programmers in America to create a NES / Famicom game to display at a Taiwan National Day celebration (October 10th), hoping to get enough sales to not only propel themselves to success but also to pay off their loanshark.



The book is mostly an epistolary novel. Whereas there are places where the novel is being narrated in a typical manner, the bulk of the novel consists of emails between the corresponding parties, notes, developer diary, text messages, instant message, phone calls, transcribed conversations, etc.


Our novel is being written in real time - this means that the dates are more or less accurate, even the deadlines we've set for events are more or less true. So if Raj (the game programmer) states in a note that he did something on XYZ day at XYZ time, this is likely when that event actually occurred.


The Novel:

I'm still looking into how my brother and I will publish the novel. We will likely go with Amazon for it, as it seems to be convenient and easy, and I want to get involved with Amazon publishing anyway as my friend had asked me for help to market his book on Amazon, which I had made a post about in the Everything Else forum.

With that being said, we might initially look into publishing the book initially exclusively for the VGS (and possibly Famicom World) market. Whether it's just me taking the manuscript down to the print shop and getting it printed and bound, or something more formal, I'm not sure. We're still thinking about it and I'm open to all ideas.


The Game:

My brother and I bought NES Maker and are attempting to use it to make the game that the guys in the story are making. The game will be titled Hot Pot Runs, as the game's plot is that the protagonist finished eating a big spicy hot pot meal, and now he has a massive case of diarrhea and must find a toilet, and quickly. It's the sort of experience I think everyone has had at least once or twice over in Taiwan, due to poor sanitation standards regarding food.

The game isn't particularly good, we just don't have the knowledge or experience to make it a AAA game; however, similarly, I think when taken in context with the novel, it fits perfectly. As we are basically going through the exact same thing that the guys in the novel are going through, aside from the loanshark bit of course. 😄


The Takeaway:

Although the story will come to a conclusion around October 10th, we won't be finished with adjusting / editing the manuscript and what not until probably mid November. At that point we'll look to sell the book. 

We are making the game purely as a fun item to go with the novel, but it's something that will only be available to you guys - anyone buying the novel through Amazon won't be able to get the game, it's merely an extra. 🙂 Similarly, we aren't going to sell the game separately, as preferably, one would read the novel first and then play the game, basically experiencing the same reaction as some of the main characters receive at the end of the book when they try out the game for the first time.

If you're interested in our novel and game, please post below that you want one, and I'll put you on the list. It will really be useful to help gauge how many to make.

Also, I'm not sure if we'll do them CIB or loose cartridges, please specify your preference. 

Finally, please let me know what sort of price point would be fine with you for this project. I have a figure in mind, but it's good to hear what other people think would be reasonable for such a project. 









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11 hours ago, fcgamer said:


The game will be titled Hot Pot Runs, as the game's plot is that the protagonist finished eating a big spicy hot pot meal, and now he has a massive case of diarrhea and must find a toilet, and quickly.

I’m in. 

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