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[Suggestion] Option in Settings to Hide Avatar Images


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Sorry if this already exists, I was unable to locate it if so. NA had a button under settings to hide all user avatars (and signatures?). This was very helpful when accessing the forum to use less data as well as when at work.


Is it possible for this to be implemented? I may be able to figure out a workaround to block the locations in uBlock Origin.

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Administrator · Posted

There is a setting to not show signatures for this. Avatars however no such luck. 

I could make a theme that doesn't show avatars but then I'd have to maintain yet another TWO themes (night and day) to support. 

If you can do the ublock route that'd be ideal honestly. 

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Sure thing, for some reason all media content is separated by months, and I would still like to see some content / photos. Still won't help on mobile though, but will for the browser at work.

Filtering for "www.videogamesage.com##.ipsUserPhoto_large.ipsUserPhoto" is working for me to block the avatars for now.

Edit: Add "www.videogamesage.com##.ipsUserPhoto_small.ipsUserPhoto" too for top of threads / original poster avatar.

Edit 2: "www.videogamesage.com##.ipsUserPhoto_tiny.ipsUserPhoto" for the tiny ones for Latest Posts.

Edit 3 (11/7/2019): "www.videogamesage.com##.ipsUserPhoto_mini.ipsUserPhoto"

Edited by Hmgbking
Found another one
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