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Factory/Shipment Cardboard Boxes


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On 9/28/2021 at 7:34 PM, Gloves said:

I hate them and I have a few. I have the box for my (newly purchased) Pikachu VHS Player, as well as a number of First4Figures boxes.

Why do you hate them? I think they are on the same "side" as boxed games in general, integrated in a way. Altough like i said if i could get one for a sign then i'd value that even higher. In that case it would be the actual box that makes it complete.

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7 hours ago, CasualCart said:

I don't personally care for retail / factory game packaging, but the plain cardboard boxes for Neo Geo MVS games are still pretty neat.


And even those have variations too. Most games just have another of the stickers you find on the label space on the MVS cart as seen up there with 8MAN's cart.  But a few they discarded this style for a wrap around sticker with some basic genuine art on them too.


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