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SNES TeeV Golf

Oishii san

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Hi all,

Over the weekend I picked up this TeeV Golf for the SNES. I didn’t know much about it but saw it was sealed and decided to take a chance on it.  Once I got home I tried to do a little research online about it but only found a few YT vids and a current eBay  listing for an open boxed copy.  I learned that it takes different little cartridge modules for the few golf games it works with but I couldn’t find any other information on those. Any idea why so little information on this is posted online? 


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Actual golf, especially back then didn’t really match up with what video gamers were into, so I’m sure it barely sold. I bought this a decade ago or so, still haven’t seen many since. Still haven’t tried it either, and I’m a huge golfer (have 140 rounds in since March). 

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