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NES Spectrum Marathon with KHAN Games & Friends


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Every year since 2018, Kevin of @KHAN Gamesfame hosts an annual charity gaming marathon to raise money for autism awareness. Starting at 1pm EST and going for around 50 hours this weekend, Kevin and various friends will stream NES games that you can request with your donations, which also grant you entry to some fun prize raffles. The donation page is already open so you can get an early spot in line with your game requests.

Tune in on Twitch here: https://www.twitch.tv/nesspectrummarathon

More info about the event and prize packs here: https://www.khangames.com/nes-spectrum-marathon

Join the watch party, donate some money toward a worthy cause, or otherwise just heckle Kevin because he can't get past the first level of Dick Tracy, because it promises to be a fun time!

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This is for a great cause! Wanted to send some prize donations but after the whole Covid-19 thing, lost track of time until it got to the point where nothing I sent would arrive on time 😢

Still gonna put together some nice packages, and I'll send them to Kevin for next year's event.

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