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I'm 11 hours into a sleeve this month with the last session on October 8.

I've been wanting a sleeve my whole life but wanted to be certain of what I'm getting. When I was 16 (24 years ago), I got a barbed wire tattoo around my bicep and it wasn't exactly a huge hit at ice hockey and ball hockey when my buddies make jokes about it. 3 years ago I decided I'd get something over it so I went to the local tattoo show which is an enormous show that travels across Canada. I picked up 3 cards of local artists and signed up on Instagram just so I could follow them. Over 1.5 years I narrowed the three down to 1 and asked for gift certificates for 2 Christmases in a row. After about 2 years I made my appointment with the artist and showed her my barbed wire, she suggested I get laser treatments to lighten it. So after 2 treatments, this.........


became this.......


And then about another year of waiting, two sessions at 5.5 hours each yielded this:


Leading up to my tattoo I told my artist I decided on a nature scene with water, mountains and a canoe because my brother's a back country guide. The week before my tattoo, I started freaking out and thought maybe I'd want a floral sleeve instead because I really like flowers. So I asked her to do one up with nature and one with flowers and I'd decide when I got there on the day of my appointment. To my surprise, she misunderstood and did one single piece with both nature and flowers bordered all around the bottom. There's a lilly, lilac, sunflower and some forget-me-nots on the back. It's amazing, I love it, she did an incredible job putting all of my ideas together.

The picture is actually Moraine Lake, a famous Alberta lake pictured on the back of the Canadian $20 bill.

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I have a few but this is my most recent and also my best cover up. 


Left side: wanted a cat tattoo after my oldest passed away recently at age 20. I didnt want an obvious cat tattoo so I went with the catnip plant. Plus it matches my other wrist.


Right side: I fucked up at 18 with a BAD tattoo and had about 5-7 laser treatment before getting it covered. Under the blue flower you can sorta see the cover up, it was a hard one to cover cause of how bad it was. 


Bad = terribly done fox and flowers 

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