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I'm currently playing (epiclotus' list)


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Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch.  I started it last week, and am a bit over 200 moons.  I'm currently on the stage with the beach and sparkling-water fountains.  

I am also playing a bit of Final Fantasy XI on PC.  I putz about on it a few times a week, although that number goes up drastically on occasion.  I'm not very high level yet.

The next game I want to play is Chunkout 2 on my NES.

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How do you like Odyssey so far?

I'm currently playing through The Messenger on Switch. Really enjoyed it up until halfway through, when something I won't spoil kinda switches the game up.

On a side note: It would be cool if we could integrate our Backloggery status into our signatures, as we could back on NA.

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