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Cool Find (but what's it worth?) - Case and Manual for GDC 2006 copy of Brain Age DS


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Recently I bought a cheap lot of DS cases, hoping to piece together some of the games and to resell for profit. One of the games was Brain Age, which we all know is a cheap title.

However, upon inspection, this copy has a gold-seal sticker on the cover that says "A Gift From Nintendo / GDC: 06 / San Jose, California". Cool!

On have another copy of Brain Age and the SKU is different (but the box isn't marked as an NFR, the manual is different and it came with a Thank You card from Mr. Iwata. Photos of these differences are below. Where there are duplicates to show the differences, the one on the left is the "gift" copy, and the one on the right is a standard copy.

So, anyone know what this is worth (it's also subsequently FO). Two complete units have sold on eBay on eBay's history. They went for $90 and $100. The difference is that those hade copied of Brain Age. They have NFR stickers. I think that's the real question, how much does the NFR add to the value. Looking at the serial no , it's a final production cart and doesn't have the red Not For Resale text. But again, the originals did have NFR back labels, and I can't find a replacement, so they are at least uncommon.

Thanks for any assistance. Photos posted below.


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