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California Museum of Pinball closing down, auctioning 1,100 arcade/pinball machines


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If you're in the area and have space, or generally collect these things, well good for you, jerk.

No but seriously, they're holding both live and online auctions and I figured I'd share cuz if I was American I'd wanna know about it. I'm sure there's rare and fun games to be had for those with the means.

The online auction house they're using, Captain's Auction Warehouse (https://captainsauctionwarehouse.com/) has a list of lots that will be available here: https://bid.captainsauctionwarehouse.com/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/80

Good luck to anyone interested; it's a shame that Covid caused the museum to shut down, but maybe someone here gets something they've been looking for!

EDIT: Looks like they're not shipping them out either, you'll have to pick up. Upside and downside - harder to obtain, but likely smaller pool of interested parties. Could mean some seriously good deals.

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1 hour ago, The Count said:

I see something I'm interested in. Anybody have an idea what shipping from a shipping company may run? Anaheim to Minneapolis for an arcade cab.

I got a quote to ship a car from a random site which came up to $1,200. Probably less than that since you really just need a box truck. $800-$1000?

edit: this place seems to be good, maybe request a quote? https://www.gonavis.com/electronics-shipping

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