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Large NES Collection For Sale, Hundreds CIB & NM w/ Extras


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Hey Guys.  

I am looking to sell my entire collection.  Couple of hundred NES CIB titles and a few SNES CIB - we had 900 CIB NES & SNES at one point and sold roughly 500 in 2016.  

We kept back most of the rare titles.  We purchased them from a guy who got them all sealed from a video store close out in the early 2000's when they were considered obsolete.  He carefully slit the shrink on the top and opened them once to explore the contents as he was an interested collector.   To or knowledge the greater majority of the games were not opened again until we put them online in 2016.  They have sat protected in climate controlled storage for 5 years. 

We were considering getting a few graded and selling slowly but wanted to put a feeler out for the entire collection.  

Serious buyers please inbox - I can provide a list, pics, videos etc. in the next day or two as they are stored in a separate location.

Expect a delayed response time as I will be tied up until 9PM or so and can not check my inbox.  If my inbox happens to get blown up I may only respond to serious offers so don't hold it against me!  



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