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NESmaker by the 8bit Hero guy. Anyone try it yet?


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I have used it a small amount. It's a very interesting tool that I feel is better at getting your feet wet in homebrew developing rather than helping to create the game you had ideas about in your head. It's quite powerful for what it is, and it really can do a lot of things. The map making tool section I love, it's quite easy to make nametables, but in the end it will still take a bit of knowledge about ASM to do a lot of things with it. I recommend it for anyone wanting to experience making a homebrew with simpler functions, and to see if it's something they would be willing to learn ASM for to do a lot more with. Not knowing a ton of ASM, I can't give an opinion on how it affects any sort of advanced homebrew making though.

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I haven't had a chance to play with the program yet, but in addition to his facebook group where people work through using it, you could reach out to the folks promoting some of their games made with NESmaker likes the guys behind Dungeons & Doomknights, Soko Banana, and Turtle Rescue.

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I would recommend going through the nerdy nights tutorials first and then learning NESmaker. The reason being is that the nerdy nights tutorials will provide you a very solid understanding of coding for the NES without being overwhelming. This combined with NESmaker will give you a lot of flexibility.

NESmaker is a great tool, and having some knowledge of ASM will really increase what you are able to do with the tool and thus set your games apart from everyone else that is using it. 


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