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Terminator: Dark Fate *POTENTIAL SPOILERS*


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Just watched this one. I've been a fan of the series since I was a wee lad.


I gotta say, it was hit or miss. They do something at the begining of the movie that is rather gutsy only for it to not really matter in the end either way.

I liked the new characters though, and would be interested in watching a follow up to this plotline in the extremely unlikely event that it gets made.

I say that because it looks like it's not doing particularly well at the box office.


All in all, I'd say it's better than any of the other post T2 sequels despite the fact that it's by far the most disrespectful to T2 and it's message.


What did you guys think?



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Should have been called Terminator: Legion to keep it biblical like Judgement Day, Salvation, and Genesys.

Linda Hamilton was bad@$$. Arny only shows up in the second half, but has some great one liners. It was alrite, fine saturday matinee type of flick. I left in a good mood, even if I will prob forget about the movie in a week.

2 hours ago, Jono1874 said:

All in all, I'd say it's better than any of the other post T2 sequels

The Sarah Conner Chronicles is still the best follow-up to the first two films.  It kept the tone of the first two movies and expanded the mythos with some great serialized storytelling in a time when prime-time shows were only starting to do that.  The practical effects are great and packs in some good action despite being on a tv show budget.  Some spotty CG and a cliffhanger ending are the only downsides, if you can get over that, it is still a great watch.

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I missed out on most of Sarah Connor Chronicles when it aired.  The fact that it uses practical effects is a huge plus for me so I think I'll hunt it down and give it a second look.


I loved everything about Arnold in this movie. I wanted to see more of him and his family though. The impact of how that all turns out would have been more profound. Also, considering what he did, it would have been a good opportunity to make the audience actually feel bad him.

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I enjoyed the flick

was neat seeing that scene of John/Sarah basically creating another reality after it

what would’ve been interesting is having all the terminators that were sent to the past have no real mission to do. So Sarah could’ve used them as a army instead of just destroying them. 

the action was sweet in this film

and it was neat to see how each character from the future had their own eye sight tech ( Arnold’s looked all dated haha)

throughout the last part of the movie I was expecting Arnold to do the thumbs up but I guess that was the other T2 terminator thing 

if you’re a fan go see this in the theater 

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