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Goodbye Game Room... And Thanks To The OG Crew!


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Whelp... been a while since I've been around or posted. 

Was tough for me when NA got destroyed and I since then I've went through a breakup. I am now moving back home. As a result I am disassembling and possibly never reassembling this video game room again. 

I figured I would document it here once again as parts of it will never be recreated. Thank you in advance for humouring me. 

I found the shelves under the stairs of a thrift store. Old movie rental store shelves. Basically the exact same shelves that EB games still uses, except red. While I don't generally like bright colours, or red, I figured it would accent well with the NES as their accent colour was red. Worked well as the wiring wasn't too intrusive. 

I also found a few other shelves which I stained darker, holding the TMNT set and the SNES games. I also really like the thick photo frames I found for the SNES games. 

The "door stopper" was partially there when I moved in. The square wooden chunk was screwed into the wall because the previous tenant put a hole in the wall with the doorknob. Instead of patching the wall and putting a shitty spring door stopper I figured I would paint the current square piece of wood and make something unique. I'm going to leave it. I'm sure some of the future residents will understand the reference. 

Let me know what you think. I'm about to pack it all up. 


VV GR 1.jpg

VV GR 2.jpg

VV GR 3.jpg

VV GR 4.jpg

VV GR 5.jpg

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Wanted to thank the OG crew.
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I like the simplicity of setup. It looks very clean. I really like the Turtles display and I have that case somewhere in my parents’ basement with my old toys.


Hopefully you can mostly recreate this setup elsewhere. I’m sorry to hear about the more recent changes.

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On 9/1/2021 at 1:08 PM, B.A. said:

Ouch, the feels!  Best of luck to you.  Hopefully in the future you can look back and see how far your new game room as come. 

Thanks mang! I know you're an OG B.A. so that means a lot to me. 

I can't figure out how to multi-quote... 

So thanks everyone else! 

Thanks Drxandy!

Glad some others enjoy the Turtles' Collectors Case. There are figures in there, but nothing special. Also, I don't have the divider that holds them. It's mine from when I was a kid. 

RegularGuyGamer.... I likely will as the shelves are rather light, so they will probably make the move with me. I'm moving ~3,500k so it's just one trip. I'll stick around here and there for sure. 

ThanksICrappedMyPants (for the record, I did not crap my pants).... I was trying to make it as simple and clean as possible, so thanks, haha. All good, much appreciated!!


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  • The title was changed to Goodbye Game Room... And Thanks To The OG Crew!
On 9/3/2021 at 12:25 PM, DoctorEncore said:

Looks great! Sorry to hear about the disassembly and big move, but never say never! I'm sure you'll be rocking your display again some day.


It's coming down to crunch time and I should actually be packing it all up but I can't seem to bring myself to do it, haha. 🥲

Yeah... as I said, I might as well take the shelves.

On 9/3/2021 at 1:52 PM, twiztor said:

@AirVillaini love the low rent door stopper. the rest of the setup is nice, too.

Whoa whoa whoa.... "low rent"??? Haha.... jokes. It's low rent for sure. 

But in my defense, to be clear... the "door stopper" was a chunk of wood with 4 screws like that when I moved in. I decided it would be easier/better to give it an upgrade "my way". 😎  ... maybe you did catch that, haha. 

Still low rent, haha. I think most people will understand the reference. 🤔

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