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Charumera Zelda bootlegs guide


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A guy on Yahoo is selling multiple bootleg Charumera Zelda no Densetsus and apparently try to make his label better. Rather than keep this in a PM I figure a thread would be useful to anyone looking into this. The only differences between Charumera and a regular copy of Zelda would be the disk label and disk date code, the rest of the packaging is the same as a regular early production Zelda AFAIK.

These two are fake:




This one is real. This scan is from Gaming Alexandria, but it matches other real ones:



Some differences:

  1. The A side of the disk has a date code to the top right of the label (e.g. K145J11). All the Charumera Zeldas have similar date codes. The number between the K and J should only be one or two digits off and as far as I've seen they all end in J11. These two fakes don't have any date code, but one made from a regular Zelda would.
  2. All the fonts are wrong, the fakes are too bold in this case.
  3. The leaves above "Hyrule" are missing on the fakes
  4. One of the fakes is way too red
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Oh, lol. I didn't realize the two bootlegs were different from each other. Another difference is the decorations in the upper left part of the triangle are wrong. The newer bootleg didn't fix this which is why I thought it was the same item.

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