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The Official VHS Collectors Thread


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Graphics Team · Posted

VHS tapes are such an impractical addiction. I finally got myself to stop buying them by ditching my VCR, but this thread is threatening to undo all that progress...

Anyway - here are my Showa-era Godzilla tapes. Someday I want to finish off the collection, VCR or not.


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23 hours ago, Tenjikuronin said:

I can't wait to watch this movie later for the plot.....


Yes...the plot... 😎


Anyone know a good site or app to track collections?  I have a veritable shitton of tapes, but unlike games, there's nothing out there that I've found that is any use to me.  Either I'm finding a ton of incomplete and uneditable databases, or I'm finding things where you have to input everything manually.  Neither is of any use.

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