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VGS Weekly Contest - Official Tournament Thread!


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Events Team · Posted

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with GREAT HONOUR that I and the Weekly Contest Team present you with the very first VGS tournament!

It was an year of mighty struggle, tough battles and enduring time for our worthy competitors.
But now the very best classified for the tournament and will be competing on the next weeks for the HONOUR of being crowned the first VGS weekly contest champion!

Our current list of players is:


The invitations letters were sent to the top 12 and to the top 17th that will be on the wait list.

Right now we have confirmed:
For top 12:

  • 8bitdontquit
  • Skinnygrinny
  • bertsampsom
  • Barrels
  • mdb39
  • Tablew/chairs
  • RichardHead
  • Gloves
  • Superjimtendo
  • JamesRobot
  • Ausden

Missing confirmation for the top 12:

  • Californication

For the wait list:

  • a3quit4s
  • Stopperzero
  • Murray

Waiting confirmation for the wait list

  • Mega Tank
  • Smick

For those in the waiting confirmation, you have till November 8th to confirm your presence here.

Tournament games will start at November 9th! GET HYPE!
May the best player win!


Final Results :

1st bertsampson 81
2nd Tablew/chairs 77
3rd skinnygrinny 73
4th Richardhead 58
5th mbd39 52
6th 8bitdontquit 40
7th JamesRobot 30
8th SuperJimtendo 29
9th Ausden 23
10th barrels 22
Out Californication  
Out Gloves  
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27 minutes ago, barrels said:

I've played it many times over the years, and even read (and re-read) the manual. I just can't do it. Maybe this time it'll finally "click" for me.


I'm not the best at 8-bit racing games. I doubt I'll make it past Excitebike.


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4 hours ago, mbd39 said:


I've never played Excitebike! I'm so excited. I'm so scared. 🥶

Excitebike is one of my favorite NES games. I have fond memories of playing VS Excitebike in the arcade as a kid. It was the first NES game that I owned besides the SMB/Duck Hunt cart that came with the Action Set. In fact, I got it for Christmas back in 1987. Yes, I'm that old...

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12 hours ago, SuperJimtendo said:

We still got the double elimination theory going?

All I know is that I’m going to get thrown in some kind of situation where I’m up against wampson, chairy and ti-83 first round after finishing 2nd regular season because last year regular season mattered  and determine picking games but since tapeworm finished in that situation this year....throw it out the window. 

skinny snub

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