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2021 NFL/NCAA Football Thread


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1 hour ago, Bearcat-Doug said:

I think it was a good idea just to add four teams for the time being. I wouldn't be surprised if they take a look at SMU and Memphis later since they did leave the option open.

Probably want to make sure those two stay competitive in the coming years first.聽 SMU finally started gaining steam the last few years after being awful and Memphis is all over the place.

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On 9/3/2021 at 6:48 PM, Bearcat-Doug said:

I remember them giving out free samples of Hudy at the BW3s in Beechmont. That stuff was so bad most people didn't even finish theirs.

Honestly Hudy 14K was pretty bad stuff.聽 Hudy Lite though is a great lite larger and is what they are known for.聽 But hot tip for you, their seasonal beers are AMAZING and the brewmaster told me the seasons are on par with the flagship brand (Christian Moerline) but because it's the "cheap" brand they sell seasonal beers cheaper.聽 I always love their pumpkin, Oktoberfest, and Bock beers.聽 Usually I have them at a beer drinking event and they are always in the top 3 among dozens I tried at the event.聽 If anyone thinks it taste like shit then I have serious concerns with them as all lite larger are pretty much the same except for some fringe types.聽 Hudy Lite is nothing special, just cheaper and local.聽聽

Back on topic....my poor Buckeyes.聽 But I'm use to seeing them lose the "big" game at the start of the season and that gets them grounded and they come back the rest of the year taken names and kicking ass.

Bengals are undefeated!!!!!聽 Tied for best in the NFL!!!!聽聽


You can't say that very often so you gotta' do it while you can.聽 We all know how things usually go......


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Wow. We really got away with a win. I felt the Dolphins were playing very scrappy, not converting on 3rd down, rushing through their possessions and just a rushed feel.

NE, like always, just eating the clock with long drives, but thankfully they commited more errors than the Dolphins and that cost them in the end.

I liked seeing the Dolphins being able to win such a close game, especially on the road. The defense held when it needed to. Parker never felt like a WR1 but it was nice to see him put in some work. Waddle? Looks promising and good effort.

What I didn't like:聽 Tua's INT, uh, yea... bad play. Waddle dropping that wide open pass, pass may have been led just a tad much, but it should have been caught. Tua seems to be throwing lasers all the time and he needs to work on his accuracy some. Having Brisset coming in for QB sneaks - not sure what the reasoning is, but it felt like training wheels for Tua... again. Running game needs improvement.

HOLY MOLY:聽 When Elandon Roberts steamrolled his way to the QB lol I can't link the YT video as it is copyrighted, but what a shame it was a roughing the passer, but what effort and explosiveness.

A win is a win, but the Dolphins got lucky.

@docile tapeworm

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@Mega Tank聽mia had no buisness winning that game. football gods gave a nod to the dolphins defense.

i was screaming at the tv when brisett came in. im not a fan of tua but you cant do that to the kid. takes his confidence and rythm away. flores bs in press conferance "tua is our guy what more can i say". that was bull. if he is the guy you dont bring in brisett to sneak for him. if your afraid he cant sneak then run power i or something. and to do it to tua again for what was esentially the game winning play....what a low blow to tua. i was on the fence on the coaching staff and that along with not challenging the catch early in the fourth, left a bad taste for me. why not throw a challenge flag there. it was a 3rd down play that gave them the first. he was bobbling and it def hit the ground.聽

tua's int look like he was in over his head out there. at 16-17 i said to the tv "ok tua you want to prove everybody wrong? you march down the damn field here and win this damn game".... whats he do? spins around like hes at a 5 year old b-day party playing pin the tail and throws a duck...lol. tua looked better though, for what thats worth. he still doesnt look like he can throw a deep ball.

parker looked real good. waddle look good for his first game. gaskin looks better.聽

o line is just ok.聽

defense will have to win every game. defense will have to score because miamis offence cant put up 20+ points.

buffalo primed to crush mia.

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20 minutes ago, docile tapeworm said:

the u is embarrassing. after the bama game i said i wasnt watching until the next recruit class. those guys dont care if they win or lose.

Sadly the 90's days of the U have faded for far too long. They shouldn't be top 25. I don't watch games that often, but they are just terrible.

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I don't even know right now. Terrible, just terrible.

The defense is doing a great job, but our offense is just embarrassing. Why does the offensive line play聽still聽continue to haunt the Dolphins after so many years? Brissett, well, did what he could but the offensive unit putting up 0? Come on. The Dolphins聽should聽be 0-2 right now.

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@Mega Tank聽miami always waste good defense. the only times miami did anything in the last 25 years was one time with ricky and wanstache, one time with penignton and.....thats it lol.

72' baby. i wouldnt trade it for anything. if they never make the playoffs again in my lifetime i can always say 72' baby lol.

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9 minutes ago, docile tapeworm said:

72' baby. i wouldnt trade it for anything. if they never make the playoffs again in my lifetime i can always say 72' baby lol.

Stop living in the past. Some records are never broken because the sport evolves. In this case, more games decreases the chance of a perfect season.

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