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Need Help - Items for Various Nintendo systems, Neo-Geo Sega, PC DOS, paper, etc -- SuperNT for a Mega SG?


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This is a current list of what I'm needing, some easy, some less so.

I have Paypal, also have some high quality trade goods too.

For starters I have a Super NT black, light use few hours, complete, has super turrican box still flat in the envelope even -- Want Mega SG (US ver), straight trade strongly preferred



Here's the actual list:

  • (THANKS)  Battery pack(came with it) for Sega Nomad
  • Virtua Racing for Genesis
  • Mega Everdrive current NON pro(or even the Super 1277in1 clone with loaded memory card already)
  • There is a very short list of real Gen games I'd take: Dune, Star Control, Castlevania, TMNT, little else, don't want to collect
  • Neo-Geo 138in1 Multcart
  • NES Sim City on a Famicom MMC5 board (prefer new board, donor if needed)
  • Castlevania II NES Manual
  • Turok Evolution manual for Gamecube
  • Dragon Warrior 1&2 Prima Guide (ebay price is sick...)
  • 4 broken gray gameboy games, need the backs cheap to fix some bad carts I have
  • Final Fantasy Legend(1) manual and fold out poster map
  • Pokemon Mini Zany Cards US(cart, or cart+manual fine)
  • Wii -- Dragon Quest Swords
  • PC: Complete in box DOS games - Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe CD version, Speed Racer in the Challenge of Racer X(3.5" floppies)


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