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Just here tryin' to save every video game... Ever!

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Greetings and Salutations Sages,

We're a US 501(c)3 non-profit that believes video games are not just the story of a culture, a developer or even that vaguely defined thing known as The World... But of YOU. You who've been touched by their sense of creativity, imagination, and community (you're here after all!)

Video Games are important.

You're important.

Your stories of how video games have shaped your life are important.

And we can't just let those be lost, eh?

I'm privileged to have discovered this community, and want to let you know that regardless of the age of this message, please do not hesitate in the slightest to ping me with cool video game stuff from any era, your thoughts, and stories on how video games have impacted you.

Or anything else!

Above all know that whatever life brings, we're in this together 🙂


Don't forget to say hello to Dr. Baby Boop as you exit this message ~ he doesn't bite!


He actually does.


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  • The title was changed to Just here tryin' to save every video game... Ever!
20 hours ago, BortLicensePlate said:

Welcome! What games have you preserved?

Awesome question 🙂

Our efforts are on a couple different projects right now, one of which is what we refer internally to as the Doomentary. The Doomentary tells the story about how WADs came to be, and even how people were creating them two months BEFORE the first Doom was released to the public!

The entire PQ Team is excited to show off the Doomlorean to the world relatively soon 😉


(Note: The Doom Guy Drives Alone, but if you really want to hop on for the ride there is plenty of space on the windshield.)

Another project that is pulling our attention is digitizing 1300+ Brazilian video game magazines.




In our hot little hands are over a hundred Latin American video game variants, and unique titles including one developed by Capcom in Japan, but only released in Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil.

Other efforts are a brewin' that are too early on to talk about right at this very second. I'll make sure all of you Sages know whats up before the rest of the world realizes what has barreled into them at 666MPH, and 6.66 gigawatts.

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22 hours ago, ThePhleo said:

Welcome to the community. I love the quest you're on, and hope to contribute what I could 🙂

Its obvious you understand how powerful video games have become to people on a personal, and emotional level. I know it may sound cheesey or hokey, but holding that realization, and spreading the message that games are a positive force to so many people the world over helps more than you may imagine.

You deserve a gigantic thanks for that, and for being present in helping keep so many aspects of this medium alive, and kicking.

Thank you 🙂

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